2018 NFL Draft Preview

draftpreviewIt seems like the same old story at this time of the year with the NFL gearing up for their new season and the first in a long list of events for 2018.

The NFL Draft is taking the show to Arlington and for another year the debate seems to be centred around the Cleveland Browns.

They have been one of the worst teams in the NFL for years and despite their high draft ranking they haven’t been able to find their way out of the basement.

It seems as though the team has tried every strategy to get better from building around a young star quarterback to building from the line out and concentrating on the defence.

None have worked as the draft picks continue to fail when they get to the league, whether because they break down or they simply aren’t up to the task.

It could be argued that heading to Cleveland is the bad part as the people around these young players is simply not good enough to help them develop.

The fact that they need these players to play right away doesn’t help matters as not every player is ready in their first year.

This pattern of bad teams has made Cleveland a team that nobody wants to play for leading to very few top free agents having interest and even some draft-eligible players asking not to be drafted to the team.

Things might be turning around in the city though although there is a lot of cautious optimism about that statement.

With Josh Gordon back from suspension and new addition Jarvis Landry opposite him the Browns have two top-tier receivers.

Adding quarterback Tyrod Taylor gives them some breathing room while a number of other smart moves have a few people wondering what could be for the team.

Now it’s time for their new GM to do to work in the draft and attempt to add to a pretty successful off-season.

Thanks to their bad season a year ago plus moves years earlier the Browns are left with a number of important picks.

They will take the first player off the board and then three picks later will get a chance at another top talent in the draft.

This combination of two picks in the top four has everyone wondering what they will do and whether or not they can get the right people this time around.

The only thing accepted by everyone is that they will take a quarterback with one of those top picks.

The good thing for the Browns is that this year’s group of QBs is one of the best in recent years.

The bad part for them is the challenge in making sure they get the right one that will fit their team and become a star.

Every one of them has his advantages but everyone also has dangers in making them the face of the organization.

Many believe that Josh Allen could be the future of any team with the size and arm strength but he can be widely inconsistent.football-sidebar

Sam Darnold doesn’t jump out at you right away as a superstar but he certainly has the talent if he can make the adjustment to the NFL.

Josh Rosen has been a future NFL QB for years and has plenty of talent to be great but many teams question whether he actually wants to play football.

Lamar Jackson is by far the most athletic quarterback in the draft as the former Heisman winner has a lot of tools to work with but teams are consistently wary of quarterbacks who like to run.

Then there is Baker Mayfield who’s size and talent have led some to compare him to Drew Brees while his attitude and iffy past have others seeing him as a Johnny Manziel.

The Browns need to make a decision and it is one that they are familiar with as they have taken top quarterbacks before, none have paid off.

Their pick at quarterback will be one of the most important in the draft as they will need to get this one right if they want to develop something special in Cleveland.

It also leaves the question of who will go first overall as some believe the Browns will take their quarterback right away but others see another talent that is too good to pass up.

No running back has been taken first overall since 1995 when the Bengals drafted Ki-Jana Carter a back out of Penn State.

Now another Penn State running back could be the first overall pick as Saquon Barkley is widely considered to be the most talented player in the draft.

He is an absolute beast in the weight room with the ability to run, catch and return kicks with speed and power.

He seems like a no-brainer to be the centrepiece for an offence but in a league where quarterbacks are the key to success, some wonder if taking a running back is a good choice.

There are a lot of questions heading into the draft and many focus around the Browns while so many other teams are trying to find their future stars.

The talent continues to be great and plenty of teams have a chance to grab someone who can take them to the Super Bowl.

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