Promises Delivered in Glendale

MMA: UFC Fight Night Phoenix-Poirier vs GaethjeUFC’s FOX cards used to be massive with big names that everyone knew and multiple title fights leading the charge.

They have turned into fights that are closer to Fight Nights but they are no less important for the people involved.

These FOX cards are a massive opportunity for fighters even if the viewership is nowhere near the same as it used to be for the promotion.

This is still the only time that the UFC gets to be on a major network that can be seen by everyone throughout North America.

There is no special package that people need to get to see these fights or pay-per-view to pay to see the main card.

These fights are directly on FOX and that means the potential for being seen is bigger than every other fight on the calendar.

The UFC has seen a decline in viewership over the last couple of years but the FOX cards are still a great chance for fighters to really put themselves on the map.

There were plenty of fighters looking to do that at UFC on FOX 29 but nobody had a bigger chance than the main eventer, Justin Gaethje.

Gaethje was scheduled to lead the card in a fight against Dustin Poirier that provided the younger fighter with a big chance.

He only joined the UFC in 2017 and has two fights so far in the world’s top promotion as he is just beginning to build his UFC career.

He came into the UFC with a lot of hype as one of the most exciting fighters in MMA and that reputation plus his wins got him into the UFC.

Once there he showcased his abilities in his first fight earning a fight bonus and taking the win but his second fight was a taste of reality.

Although it was another exciting fight he took the loss and many wondered what that loss would bring for his future.

There is no doubt about the talent that Gaethje possesses but his fight style is not one that leads to a lot of success.

Gaethje is the type of fight to walk straight ahead and brawl with whoever is in front of him.

That leads to great fights but it doesn’t lead to a lot of wins especially in the UFC where the skills are so far above everywhere else.

Plodding forward will make you a popular fighter but that style is rarely ever seen in title contention because once they get to the top of the division they lose to more technical fighters.

Gaethje saw that first-hand when he took a loss in his second fight in the UFC and was given a wake-up call.

UFC on FOX 29 was a chance to see what he learned from that fight as it seemed almost like a turning point.

Would he come into the fight with the same attitude or would he change things up and begin a more technical style.

It wasn’t going to be easy to get technical though as he was facing a man that could represent the future for Gaethje.

Dustin Poirier is built in the same image as Gaethje as both are those exciting fighters with a tendency to brawl.

Poirier is a sign of what was to come for Gaethje should the younger fighter decide to make no changes heading into the

Although Poirier is a consistent part of the UFC and won’t likely be going anywhere any time soon he has yet to fight for a title.

There isn’t anything wrong with being that middle-of-the-road fighter but most fighters are not looking to just be another guy.

They fight to win championships but to win that championship sometimes they need to find a better style.

Gaethje had the chance to do that right at the start of his UFC career after his first loss but against Poirier, getting into a brawl was pretty likely

Technique went out the window pretty quickly when both fighters met in the middle of the octagon.

They set a rapid pace right from the start and although they didn’t just swing away they continued to go back and forth.

Neither backed down and it seemed like only a matter of time until someone went down after a big punch landed perfectly.

It took a lot to put either out but in the fourth round, Poirier landed a big left hand that sent Gaethje back.

From there Poirier continued to land big shots while Gaethje was out on his feet struggling to stay standing.

Eventually, it was just too much and the referee stepped in to end the punishment giving the win to Poirier.

It was another Fight of the Night bonus for both fighters but also a sign that Gaethje might not be changing any time soon.

He will remain in the same spot as Poirier as both will continue to fight and put on amazing shows for the fans.

They won’t be headed to the title any time soon but they are sure to continue to fight in the UFC if they keep putting up these performances.



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