Still the Scariest Woman in MMA

LDN-L-UFC222-00304There is something to be said to the fighters that look to make history and do what everyone knows is impossible.

They all tend to fall by the wayside of history but every now and then someone steps up and changes everything because they were strong enough to take a chance.

That is the history of the fighting life of Cristiane Justino who simply known as Cris Cyborg and is the greatest female fighter in the history of female fighting.

Although she was not always the best fighter in the world, she quickly developed into something special.

Her coming out party was against the biggest name in female fighting at the time, Gina Carano and then she became a part of the conversation when Ronda Rousey rose to the top.

No matter who was talked about people that knew MMA would always say, what about Cyborg?

That was the legend she had built and as a result of building that legend, the fights became harder and harder to find.

As her legend grew there were fewer fighters willing to take a fight against the toughest opponent in women’s MMA.

It had everything to do with her skills in every aspect of the sport with a BJJ black belt and devastating striking.

The more she won the harder it was to find someone to face her with the strong possibility of a loss and a brutal end to the fight.

In the UFC it has been much of the same as finding opponents that are willing to fight Cyborg has been a challenge.

There are a few that have stepped up though and most are the type of fighters that everyone expects to step u.

At UFC 222 it was a new fighter that was willing to take her chance against the greatest of the all time.

Yana Kunitskaya is a relatively unknown fighter but she has been around fighting in Invicta for a number of years, becoming the Invicta Bantamweight champion last year.

She was not necessarily the woman most want to see against Cyborg, that would be Megan Anderson, but she was the one that stepped up to take on the challenge.

Kunitskaya was never going to get a lot of the attention when she accepted the fight in a weight class above her current one and against someone like Cyborg.

Yet she was set to become a UFC fighter before accepting this fight and the promotion had some high hopes for her ability to fight in the bantamweight division.

Although she might have been built like it there was no way that Kunitskaya was coming into the fight with a sacrificial mindset.

Kunitskaya wanted to shock the world and it didn’t matter that nobody was giving her a shot, she took a big chance to shock everyone and make a statement.

When there is a champion as dominant as Cyborg this is something that everyone wants to see because there really aren’t many people able to stand up and fight those type of fighters.

Taking the fight was always going to be a challenge but then to do it on short notice was sure to give Kunitskaya some fans right away.

The respect she will earn for fighting Cyborg is going to help her for the rest of her time in the UFC.

Then there was the possibility that there is in any fight of any fighter taking the win and that is even true for a fighter like Cyborg.

Kunitskaya had the length and the striking ability to make things a little more difficult for Cyborg on the feet.

Much like Holly Holm, who was the biggest test for Cyborg, Kunitskaya had the ability to stand and keep Cyborg on the outside while taking the necessary points to win.

It was never going to be easy though as Cyborg had dispatched of every challenge put in front of her since her only loss in her first fight back in 2005.  mma-sidebar.fw

The fight saw the newest UFC fighter looking to employ a very specific gameplan taking Cyborg’s striking out of the equation.

Kunitskaya looked to take the fight to the ground right from the start and avoid the devastating striking.

As good as the plan seemed to work at moments of the fight it seemed more of a desperate attempt to do something successful.

Cyborg is just simply too good to lose that way and when the fight got back to the feet she punished Kunitskaya.

Eventually, the overhand right landed and Kunitskaya was put down giving Cyborg yet another win.

Taking the fight on short notice at a different weight class will certainly give Kunitskaya respect and when she returns to the bantamweight division she will look to make a run in the UFC.

For Cyborg the fact is that there is nobody out there that can challenge her dominance and the path just continues.

There are really only a couple of options next as Cyborg has said she wants Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes next in a female super fight between two champions.

The only other option could be Anderson who is yet to sign a UFC contract but is considered the only fighter in the world that might be able to compete with Cyborg.

Kunitskaya came to fight and she deserves the respect for that but the fact is that no matter how brave these women are the talent is some much bigger.



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