UFC 222 Preview

ufc-222UFC 222 was in real risk of not happening at all as the troubles for the UFC continued when Max Holloway was injured.

One of the brightest young stars was set to take on a veteran of the sport and defend his belt for the second time and truly begin his run as a dominant champ.

It was going to be a pretty big main event, at least big by the new standards, as people were going to be able to see one of the bigger new stars in the UFC.

Then Holloway was hurt and had to drop out of the fight with Frankie Edgar leaving no real main event for a pay per view card.

Edgar wanted to stay on the card and he got his wish getting Brian Ortega but with Edgar as the only big name on the card, everything was at risk.

The UFC thought of just about everything to try to fix the card even considering making it a Fight night card or cancelling it altogether.

That is when another champion stepped into the main event spot in what was a bigger step than most.

Cristiane Justino has had a very public feud with the UFC for the last few years as she continues to struggle to find worthy opponents.

In 2016 the woman many consider to be the best female fighter in the world joined the UFC in a long-awaited signing by the UFC.

Yet there was an issue as Justino was a part of the biggest weight class in female fighting and the UFC did not have a weight class that fit her.

Instead, she was forced to fight at bantamweight which was far from her natural weight and caused a lot of weight cut issues.

It frustrated her and led to health issues making her an unhappy part of the roster of fighters in the UFC.

The promotion took their time to make a change but eventually they did, creating the featherweight division with the idea that the woman nicknamed Cyborg could become a UFC champion.

The division was essentially built for Cyborg but building that division was going to be one of the toughest things they had to face.

For one there is simply not that many female fighters that fight at 145 lbs, bigger weight classes in both men’s and women’s divisions are not easy to find.

The biggest issue though was the fact that any 145 lbs woman signing with the UFC knew they had to fight Cyborg and for years finding women willing to fight Cyborg has been tough.

She is far and away the best female fighter in the world and she can make it a long night for any woman in the world.

The issues of her past steroid use have also provided an easy out for some who believe she shouldn’t be fighting despite the fact that she failed years ago and has never failed for steroids again even under a stricter USADA program.mma-sidebar.fw

Finding women to populate the division has been a big challenge and once again it has led to Cyborg feeling frustrated.

She can’t find fights and the fights that she finds are usually not worth the time and effort it takes to train.

The difference between her and the fighters she has been fighting is so great that there really isn’t a lot of competition.

She finally got some in her last fight when she took on Holly Holm but even one of the better fighters in the world didn’t put up a massive fight.

Cyborg has said multiple times that she wants the UFC to commit to building the division and give her better opponents but they haven’t been able to do that.

That is why Cyborg has remained mostly on the sidelines tweeting rather than accepting lesser fights.

She showed some good faith at UFC 222 though as she took a fight with a natural bantamweight from Invicta.

Cyborg will defend her belt once again and this time it will be against Yana Kunitskaya who is the current Bantamweight champion in Invicta.

When looking at this fight it seems similar to almost every other fight that Cyborg has had in most of her career.

Although Kunitskaya is a good fighter and she might be able to do some damage under a UFC contract that damage won’t be in the featherweight division.

Cyborg is simply too good and the chances are good that she takes another easy victory leading to the same frustrations that have plagued her forever.

Until a fighter like Megan Anderson or Julia Budd makes their way over to the UFC officially there may never be a fight to really let Cyborg challenge herself.

She is acting in good faith here though as she stepped in to save the card and put a title on the line even if it doesn’t seem like the challenge she wants.


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