Overlooked but not Outdone

UFC Fight Night: Emmett v StephensThere may be no greater motivator then when someone doubts you and overlooks you as you try to prove everyone wrong.

That is the case for so many fighters as so many of them are overlooked and doubted and more often than not they are unevenly promoted.

There are endless stories of one fighter getting all of the attention while the other is left in the background.

That was what happened in the lead-up to UFC on FOX 28 with one fighter getting all of the attention.

This time it wasn’t necessarily what was expected as it was an up and coming fighter that got the attention, not the veteran.

Josh Emmett went into the fight as the new fighter that was looking to shoot up the rankings and find a title fight.

He had only fought five times in the UFC and had taken two wins in a row but it was his final win that got people’s attention.

That was a short notice fight against Ricardo Lamas where Emmett earned a knockout that had people start to think of what he might be able to do.

Then he shot up the rankings to fourth overall and got his first main event live on network TV with many looking at him as the future.

His recent knockout success left some to think that he might be able to make a real run at the title.

Everyone knew that it was going to be a challenge for Emmett but the overall belief seemed to lean towards him winning.

Still, he had to overcome a true veteran of the sport and a fighter that likely thought he should be in the same spot as Emmett.

After winning two straight of his own Stephens was given the fight against Emmett and was essentially turned into a stepping stool.

He was going to be the guy that Emmett could beat and then move further up the rankings towards that title shot for a fast rise.

Stephens being the veteran was never going to complain about the lack of talk or as some would see it, the lack of respect.

There is little doubt that he would look at it as a slight and try to use that as motivation to show that he is no step for up and coming fighters.

His two most recent wins could be considered even better than what Emmett had done with Stephens facing better opponents.

Knocking out an extremely tough Doo Ho Choi is likely a little better than knocking out Ricardo Lamas no matter how good Lamas can be.

Not to mention the other work that Stephens has put in as a member of the UFC roster and one of the veterans of the sport.mma-sidebar.fw

Emmett is just beginning his climb and has not really faced any of the biggest names with Stephens being his biggest fight yet.

Stephens has fought the biggest names in the world of fighting and that should count for something as the UFC looks for contenders.

Yet despite his pedigree and his two-fight win streak, Stephens was ranked below Emmett and came into this fight as the other guy.

He was going to have to prove something to everyone watching and show that he was just as capable of making a run at the title.

Despite the lack of coverage and the talk about Emmett Stephens went into the fight looking to show why fighters don’t just jump into big fights.

The FUC is too good for that and Stephens was hoping to reveal why that was the case when he took on Emmett.

The first round almost saw Stephens prove everyone right though as Emmett showed his power early on.

He dropped Stephens in the round and seemed like he was ready to end it quickly and show that the hype was real.

The second round was the reverse though as Stephens was able to recover and showcase his power.

That power took control and Stephens landed a big shot that put Emmett down which was followed up by even more powerful shots.

It was too much for Emmett and despite a very close call on an illegal knee, the fight was over with Stephens taking the win.

It was a big one for Stephens who had become the forgotten fighter in the match-up and proved that he has plenty left in the tank.

He showed a lot in that fight but for Emmett, it might have been too much too soon although there is time for him to come back.

Stephens will take the focus and will move up as he pursues another title shot in his long and illustrious career.



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