Reputation Earned in Texas

ufc-fn126There are always going to be regions in the world that are better at certain things than the rest of the world.

When it comes to sports there are certain regions that clearly show that they are better at certain sports.

Their legacy in these sports helps create the future and an almost endless line of athletes end up finding their way to the highest level.

In combat sports, the same can be said but things are slightly different as it is not one region that is good at fighting but rather regions that are good at different aspects.

Combat sports being the way they are there are simply too many aspects of the game for one region to produce fighters that are simply great at everything.

There are regions that have made a name for themselves though as they seem to produce the same style of fighters.

In boxing, the most pronounced region has to be Mexico where there is a distinctive style that they bring to the ring.

Mexican fighters have a reputation for being the toughest in the world as they are not necessarily the most technical fighters but they are never going to go down easy.

They can take a punch and give it right back and as a result, have become known for being some of the most exciting fighters in the world.

In the world of MMA, that reputation has shifted to a few other regions as the Mexican fighters are still considered tough but fighters from Hawaii seem to take the crown.

There is something about the fighters from the island that just seem to be able to take a strange amount of punishment.

The fighting history of the island really stems from one place as it was BJ Penn who really brought a light to the fighting culture in Hawaii.

Penn was a very skilled fighter but he truly made his name through his will and inability to give up on a fight.

He constantly came forward after his opponents and since then fighters from Hawaii have followed in his footsteps.

That next generation of Hawaiian fighters are just coming into their own now and they are beginning to make noise in the UFC.

One such fighter is now the featherweight champion of the world as Max Holloway has been one of the best fighters in the UFC regardless of weight class.

Training alongside the champion has been Yancy Medeiros who has only begun to make a name for himself.

Despite his time in the UFC, it has only really been in the last year that people have begun to notice him.

2017 marked a year where he earned two straight wins both of which ended early with

Before those fights, he had earned a submission win in 2016 to bring his streak to three as he entered 2018.

With some buzz surrounding him after his latest win, he looked to make a real step up in competition.

That is why he signed on to fight Donald Cerrone in what was sure to be one of the toughest fights in his career.

The best part about that fight for the fans is that there was a Hawaiian fighter taking on a very tough Cerrone in what was sure to be an exciting fight.

Medeiros has taken on the role of the Hawaiian fighter as he has that toughness as well as the ability to end fights in multiple ways.

Cerrone has always been the same style as his game is all about finding ways to stand and trade and make things exciting.

Both would enter their main event fight looking to not only win but to put on a show for the Texas fans.

It was almost a guarantee with the two fighters involved with the tradition of that Hawaiian style and the willingness of Cowboy to get into a scrap.

It took Cowboy a bit of time to get things going as he looked to figure out the timing of Medeiros.

Once he did the fireworks started as both fighters decided to do what they had promised leading up to the fight.

They began exchanging on the feet taking big shots and landing some of their own in one of the rare times that a fight lived up to the hype.

Eventually, it was Cowboys that got the big shot sending Medeiros on wobbly legs and Cerrone followed that up with some ground and pound to end the fight.

It was a fight that was promised and the legend of the Hawaiian fighter remains intact as Medeiros was that typical tough fighter taking plenty of shots and landing his own.

It was Cowboy that took the win though which is important after losing three fights before this one and he got the win in typical Cowboy fashion keeping his career intact.



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