Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Update (Day 10)

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It was one of the main stories heading into the Olympics as the Russians were not going to make an appearance in the games due to a massive doping scandal.

The IOC had banned Russia from competing after a WADA investigation revealed a massing doping program.

This program was run by the governing body in Russia as the Russian Anti-Doping Agency provided drugs and faked test results for countless Russian athletes.

The Russian flag would not be flown and the anthem would not play while most of the athletes wouldn’t be headed to Korea.

There were some exceptions made though as the IOC would allow some Russian athletes to compete under very strict rules.

The testing would likely be a lot more strict for those athletes that were allowed to compete as Olympic Athletes from Russia.

It was an attempt to makes sure that the clean Russian athletes were not punished for not being a part of the doping campaign.

That move gave these athletes the chance to compete and achieve the dream they have been working for over the last four years.

These athletes were ready to come into the Olympics and get h that gold medal even if it wouldn’t technically be for their own country.

They would have known that the testing and focus on them was going to be tighter than anywhere else even without a personal history.

That hasn’t stopped the Olympic Athletes from Russia from failing a test though as the first failed drug test of these Olympics was failed by a Russian.

A report came out on Day 9 that an athlete from Russian had failed a drug test and on Day 10 it was revealed that it was the Russian curler.

Alexander Krushelnitsky had won the Olympic bronze in mixed doubles curling with his wife but he had failed the post-competition drug test.

He had failed for Meldonium which is reportedly used to increase workout capacity and was the same drug that Maria Sharapova failed for years ago.

The failed test is what everyone was afraid of when the IOC made the decision to invite 168 athletes to attend the games from Russia.

After the widespread abuse of the system, many believed that there were few if any athletes from Russia that were actually clean.

There was an idea that allowing any number of Russians into the Olympics was a sure way to see more failed tests and was going to be an egg in the face of the IOC.

Krushelnitsky proved all of those naysayers right as this is the first major doping story of the games and it involves an athlete they let into the games.

Despite the hope that these Russians could come in and compete clean one failed test has hurt the legitimacy of these athletes.wolympic-sidebarolympics-sidebar

It has brought the decision to bring these athletes back to the Olympics into question and the IOC is certainly going to pay.

They will be watching all of the Russian athletes even more now as they hope not to find even more athletes that have used PEDs.

It is one of the constant stories in any Olympics as the prevalence of drugs is a constant battle for the IOC.

They are trying to keep the sport clean but every Olympics they are fighting against the use of PEDs.

There is never an Olympics where everyone is clean and nobody fails a drug test but the IOC continues the fight.

This year the biggest issue was with the Russians and their state-run doping program that was the biggest doping scandal ever.

The IOC attempted to stop it but also tried not to punish the athletes who didn’t participate in the program.

So far it has gone pretty well as the OAR team has provided athletes with a chance to achieve their dream.

If more athletes do fail their tests as the games move on this could be evidence that the IOC made the wrong decision.

If anything like this happens again they will be sure to punish that team even more than they did the Russians this year.


The Canadian Story:

Playing for Gold

The Women’s Hockey tournament has always been one where only two teams really have much of a chance to play for gold. The Americans and Canadians have always been so much better than the rest of the world. Although the rest of the world continues to get better it will once again be the Canadians and Americans playing for gold.

Breaking Records

Heading into the Olympics Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were the most visible athletes from Canada as they carried the flag in what is likely to be their last Olympic Games. They went in looking to win another gold medal in the Ice Dance and they started as well as they could have earning a record score in the short program.

Tying for Gold

It was a strange way to end an event in the Olympics but it was not entirely unheard of in bobsled. It was 1998 when the Canadian two-man bobsled tied Italy for the gold medal with the exact same time. Canada was involved again this time tying the Germans for the gold medals and providing the sixth gold medal of the games.

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