UFC Fight Night 126 Preview

ufc-fn126It is a term that has been said so many times that it isn’t really worth much at this point, but still, Cowboy is back in the octagon.

Donald Cerrone is the most active fighter in the UFC as he has made a reputation as the only fighter in the UFC to truly accept any fight.

Although many fighters claim to accept any fight most refuse to sign when it comes to that moment either because they want a bigger opponent or more money.

Cerrone simply doesn’t care as he continues to take fights no matter how big the name is or the paycheck is.

He just loves to fight and that is what has made him a fan favourite but lately, that attitude has put him in a strange spot.

The UFC knows he will accept any fight and because of that he never really makes progress towards a title.

He takes on all comers and although he wins more than he loses he still suffers those losses that become very important for moving up.

He never seems to be able to get the wins he needs to step into the octagon against the best in whatever division he is fighting in and has yet to earn a UFC belt.

His career is necessarily over but he is certainly on the back half and with that attitude of taking every fight he doesn’t seem to be headed towards a title anytime soon.

He has now been forced into a gatekeeper role where he is the veteran that young up and coming fighters can prove themselves against.

A win against Cerrone is a big one as Cowboys is still a good fighter that can win in multiple ways and will punish a younger fighter if they make a mistake.

He is also not that great that he Is fighting the best of the best and so it is a chance for younger fighters to really prove themselves.

He has done it multiple times and at UFC Fight Night 126 will see his second young star in a row.

It hasn’t gone well for him so far as Cerrone has dropped three straight fights including his last against Darren Till.

In that fight, many looked at the matchup and wondered why Cerrone would take it as he was riding a two-fight losing streak and took a fight against a relatively unknown fighter.

Till had been making waves but he hadn’t really stepped out into the spotlight yet but Cerrone gave him his chance.

With a knockout loss in the first round, Till announced his arrival while Cerrone was left in the same spot as always.mma-sidebar.fw

Now he takes on Yancy Medeiros who is beginning to gain a lot of momentum in the Welterweight division.

After putting together three straight wins he is ready to take his chances at better competition which comes with Cerrone.

Medeiros is part of the up and coming Hawaiian fighters who are led by featherweight champion Max Holloway.

He has been in the UFC since 2013 but only lately has really begun to make noise in the division and the promotion.

His three latest wins, all finishes have made people begin to notice him and his next fight will take that a step further.

Much like Till a win against Cerrone could be big for his career as it will give a boost to his name.

As Medeiros tries to get some of the star power from Cerrone there is a motivation for Cowboy.

He might not be on the bubble, as he is simply too exciting to ever likely be cut, but a fourth straight loss is not going to help him in any way.

There is a chance that he could get cut but if he doesn’t any type of big fight is pretty much out of the cards.

He has never been a fighter to refuse a fight and he wasn’t about to refuse a fight against another young up and coming fighter.

He hopes to show he still has plenty in the tank and avoid one of the worst slides of his career by getting back on the winning track.


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