NHL Week in Review (February 4-10)

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It is well into February and for the NHL that means the playoff race is almost here but before that all-important race comes one of the biggest days on the league calendar.

Trade Deadline day is a big one in the NHL as it is one of the few leagues that regularly sees a lot of movement on the day.

It is more than just a day when teams trade players though as this day has always been a sign of where teams are going.

The Trade Deadline is the point where teams have to make their decisions on whether or not they are going to compete for the playoffs.

Some teams will become sellers and essentially will give up on their chances at the playoffs by traded away some of their top players.

These teams are just trying to get assets back in order to restart their pursuit next year and with that comes some big names leaving to free up cap space and get young players back.

Other teams are going to become buyers on deadlines day as they look to try to get the pieces they need to make a serious run at the playoffs.

There are a number of strategies that come with this as some teams are ready to sell their future in order to be good right now.

There are teams that want to be buyers but will not sell everything in order to get there because they want to be good for a long time.

These teams are willing to wait and not necessarily get anyone at the deadline but are looking for those few pieces if they can come at the right price.

That process has already begun as the teams have been calling and looking with some trying not to get to that deadline to get what they want.

That can be a big part of the deadline itself as the strategy that the GMs employ can be a big factor in what happens.

They need to figure out if it will help them to wait until the final hours to land a trade or if an early trade could help them more.

An early trade could end up being the best thing because they are getting the guy that they want before that team can find someone else to trade with.

That is the strategy on the other side too though as they never really know when their best offer is going to come.

It could come early and if they deny it in hopes of getting another deal that deal is likely not on the table any longer.

Finding that sweet spot to make a deal is an art and sometimes they can use the deadline as a piece of their strategy.

That deadline can be an advantage or a disadvantage to the sellers or the buyers as it all depends on how they use the deadline.hockey-sidebar

When it comes down to the final minutes and there is no time left a GM might take the only deal he has on the table just to make sure he gets something.

Other GMs might offer everything they have to offer just to get the one guy that they think they need.

Some GMs will use that pressure that comes to their advantage as they could wait until the final day to put their offer in.

Those GMs might not be as desperate for a big player but throwing in a deal to a selling team at the last minute might force the other GM to make a deal.

That can be the same for that GM waiting on the calls as they could just wait things out until another GM gets desperate enough to offer too much.

Those are the games that teams play as they head to the trade deadline and you can be sure that the games are already being played.

There are any number of teams looking for that last piece to try to make a serious run at the Stanley Cup this year.

There are also plenty of teams that are looking like they are completely out of the running with no chance and some assets to trade.

Arizona could be an interesting place as many of their young stars could be ready to move on and with the Coyotes out of the running already they might be willing to start over.

The New York Rangers are ready to sell and with a number of veterans on the team they could be ready for a firesale.

Mawnheil, on the other side of the coin, is the buyers who are plentiful and all have different needs and wants.

Some teams headed to the playoffs are not even interested in rental players while more have one or two spots that could use some help.

Every team will be working the phones looking for those pieces that they can use in the future or for the playoff run with the trade deadline coming fast.



Staying the Course

The Ottawa Senators might not be having the greatest season and could be headed towards a rebuild this off-season. As they head there they know who will be leading them after giving their GM Pierre Dorion a three-year extension. Despite the issues they have experienced this year the Senators believe in Dorion and will give him three years to get them back to contention.

Accusations Find Way to NHL

The world is in a place now where many women are beginning to come out and reveal the issues they have experienced from powerful men. It has gone through Hollywood and a few other sports but now it is in the NHL. This week former Maple Leaf, Tiger Williams was accused of sexual assault that happened during a trip Williams was on to visit the Canadian military.

Burrows Sitting out

 The NHL’s Player Safety department made a statement this week when they handed down a massive suspension to Alex Burrows. The suspension came after Burrows went after Hall to try to fight him but had an unwilling partner. Burrows continued to throw punches and took Hall to the ground still throwing punches. For that, he received a 10-game suspension, one of the longest that the NHL has handed out in years.

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