2018 Olympic Preview: The Competition

21688080_10155656682378419_4334820855282465406_oThe stories are always one of the best parts of the Olympics but when it comes down to it the Olympics are a competition.

They aren’t just any competition either as this is the ultimate competition where countries go head to head in athletic competition.

It is possibly the greatest competition in the world as these athletes are at the top in their respective disciplines.

These athletes prepare for four straight years and they do it in the anonymity that amateur sports bring.

These athletes are the ones who sacrifice just as much as the professional athletes and yet they never receive the same level of fame and fortune.

These are the athletes who compete because they love the sport that they are in and they get the biggest stage to perform on every four years.

They will end their journeys in Pyeongchang where they get a chance to put all of their training into practice in order to grab a medal.

The competition between the athletes that have all sacrificed the same amount albeit in very different environments.

Some do it in the best training facilities in the world in their own countries while others have to travel just to get time.

That is even truer in the Winter games as these games are the most specialized in the world.

In the summer games, almost the entire world has at least a period where they can perform some of the more basic sports.

Winter doesn’t touch a good portion of the world with many countries never seeing snow, which makes it hard to participate.

That leaves some athletes in a tough spot as they have to find places to practice and coaches that understand the game.

Still, they persist and they train to be at this spot where they look to enter the history books as a medalist.

That type of separation makes these games one of the more unique as many of the countries involved take this as the time to shine.

Those countries with a regular winter and a healthy amount of snow every year are the countries that have invented and participate in these winter sports.

They are often not the best countries when it comes to the summer games because most of their athletes need to travel to practice all year.

These games are the ones where they can stay in their own country to get the best facilities in the world.wolympic-sidebarolympics-sidebar

It is their time to step out and be the centre of attention in their own games that might not be as big but are still as important.

Those teams will always compete hoping that their athletes can add to their medal count so that they can be the best in the world.

Usually, there are a few teams that tend to be the top of the heap when it comes to the winter games.

One is the USA who are constantly at the top of the medal table with top athletes in almost every sport.

They are usually competing with the Russians to be the top country in the winter games but this year that battle will not be there.

The Russians are banned and therefore will not earn any medals although the Olympic Athletes from Russia could earn a number of medals themselves.

It will leave a gap for a number of teams to take their chance at earning those medals without the Russians.

A country like Canada could make some major steps up after continually getting better throughout the years and breaking their own records.

There are also the countries that tend to be better at sports that aren’t so glamorous which is why Norway moved their way up last year thanks to a number of cross-country medals.

There will be plenty of countries looking for their medals and trying to compete to be the best in the world.

That all starts now as the Olympics are underway and the pursuit of greatness begins as the Pyeongchang games are underway.

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