Wednesday Morning QB (Off-Season Outlook)

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The battle to be the best in the world starts now as the Super Bowl is over and the NFL off-season officially begins.

The Philadelphia Eagles are on top of the world right now as they took home their first-ever Super Bowl title beating the mighty Patriots.

It was a surprising end to an eventful year although the Eagles had been at the top of the league throughout the year.

They went from a 7-9 team in 2016 to the top of the conference and the top of the league with their Super Bowl win.

That turnaround is sure to have some people looking at their own teams with some serious questions and in a league known for their impatience, that means a lot of changes.

The NFL is a league with a lot of money on the line in every game and the owners know this as they are looking for the best way to find their way to the top of the league.

Often that can lead to impatience for the teams that have been at the bottom of the league for a number of years.

These teams tend to struggle with consistency and some of that inconsistency comes right from the top of the team.

There are owners who don’t seem to believe in building a winner but rather believe in creating a winner with a massive turnaround.

That isn’t always the case but it won’t stop them from trying to make changes t the tea in an attempt to turn things around.

This off-season there has already been a massive turnaround for a number of coaching positions with seven total openings.

Six came from firings while one came from a retirement but it left seven teams without their leaders.

All teams are looking for that leg up and they are hoping that their new coaches can change the way things are done.

Not all will be successful and some might be done sooner rather than later after struggling in the transition to being a head coach.

Some will find success taking the opportunity that they are given and helping their new teams back to some success.

All will have a lot of pressure on their shoulder stop help lead their teams but some will be watched a little closer than most.

One of the new coaches that will have the most eyeballs on him will be Matt Patricia as he has long been a head coaching candidate.

Patricia spent five years under the man that many consider to be the best coach in the history of the NFL, Bill Belichick.

Since 2012 he was the Defensive Coordinator for the Patriots but in 2018 he will take over as the head coach for the Detroit Lions.

Despite having one of the best quarterbacks in the league, the Lions have struggled over the last few years with the Packers and Vikings pushing them out of the playoffs.

Patricia will look to turn things around and as a member of the Belichick tree, he will have a lot of expectations.

After years of being considered a sure thing for a head coaching job, he gets his chance with a lot of people watching him.

Of course, he won’t be the only one with Matt Nagy taking over in Chicago, Jon Gruden returning to coaching in Oakland, Pat Shurmur taking over for the Giants, Mike Vrabel taking the job in Tennessee and Steve Wilks coaching in

All of these coaches will have pressure on them to turn things around and in this environment, they might not get that much time to do it.

With so much pressure on the coaches to make something happen, it becomes tougher for a team to actually turn things around.

It takes some time for a team to actually build a winner as everyone should know from the Eagles rise.

Although this iteration of the Eagles went through some ups and downs the success started years ago even in the failures.

They were a team that turned things around under Chip Kelly only to drop off in his second year but some of the key pieces to their success this year started then.

Adding the few pieces they needed along with a quarterback that could help them rise changed everything.

Still, teams will look for the quick satisfaction and want their new coaches to win games and take home a Super Bowl.

Although hiring the new coach can be a big step it is far from the only step that needs to be taken to win games.

The real work starts now as these coaches will have to begin figuring out what they have and how they can use them.

The executives will need to start trying to find the talent for these coaches to use both through the draft and free agency.

As the work starts the pursuit of the next championship is underway with a lot of change heading into the new season.

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