2018 Olympic Preview: Regional Focus

170208134644-4-alpensia-pyeongchang-super-169The Olympics have always been the biggest display of amateur sports in the world and they consistently like to take that show on the road.

The entire reason for the Olympics and the IOC is to promote sport throughout the world and help them to grow.

That goal always has them thinking of the best places that they can host the games and bring that level of sport to a new part of the world.

It isn’t always easy as the Olympics is a big undertaking that involves cities and countries putting in a lot of money to host an event like this.

Not only that but the IOC also has to look at the locations in terms of how safe the place can be for the Olympics due to the safety concerns that come with such a big event.

They have to weigh all of this and so much more to figure out where the best place is to hold the games every two years.

They try to make sure they are also spreading things around and giving different regions the opportunity to see this display.

They try not to stick with the usual places and hope not to head back to the same place ever, although they have returned to certain cities in recent years.

The 2018 Olympics are a beginning of the shift towards something else though as these games in South Korea will be the first of three straight games in Asia.

It is rare that the Olympics ever see regions repeat as hosts especially when it comes to regions hosting the winter and summer Olympics.

More often than not the same place can’t host both because of issues with their weather but also the IOC doesn’t like staying in one place too long.

They would prefer to spread things around and ensure that the interest stays high throughout the region.

This year the Winter Games will head to Pyeongchang, South Korea for the first Winter Games in Korea and the first time being back in the country since 1988.

In 2020 the Summer Games will head to Tokyo for the first time since 1964 for the Summer Games.

Then the trio will finish when the next winter games head to China as Beijing hosts for the second time since 2008 although this time they will do the winter side of things.

It is one of the strangest stretches in the history of the Olympics as they have not had this type of concentration in a region since the 1930s.

It may seem like a strange decision but in reality, Asia is becoming one of the biggest spots for every sport to try to get into.

It has often been ignored by the bigger leagues around the world but the sporting culture in that area of the world is big.

Every league is building that up more and more through the years as they are looking to capitalize on the one area that has been looked too very often in the past.wolympic-sidebarolympics-sidebar

The Olympics has long been one of the few big organizations that saw it a long time ago as they have always hosted games.

What makes things different this time is that they won’t be taking a few iterations off before they head back, they are going right away.

It is the way of the world that has forced this as more and more other cities are shying away from hosting big events like this.

There has been so much resistance from everywhere about supporting events like this and rightly so.

The images of Olympic buildings no longer in use are everywhere and the money spent can hurt a city for years to come.

If not done right the games can do a lot more harm than good as they might bring the world to the city but after the games, things can be lost to time.

That makes it a tough sell for cities that might need a lot more than the games and in a lot of places the outcry from the people of the city is good enough to stop a bid.

The same cannot be said for Asia as their region is doing better than many around the world.

At the same time, the outcry from the people is not as much largely due to the proposals put together that highlight different things rather than being bigger and better.

There is also the difference in culture where outcry from the people is not a common thing, especially in some with governments preferring not to hear from them at all.

That makes these cities in Asia a pretty good spot to host an Olympics and although they might not be the greatest places in the world they are the ones easily capable of hosting the games.

Pyeongchang will set the tone from the start as they will hope to show just how spectacular things can be in this region of the world.

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