2018 World Juniors Report (Semi-Finals)

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The Medalists had been determined but it was time to figure out who was playing for what colour medal on semi-final day.

First up the tournament hosts and defending champions were taking on the Swedes in what many thought would be the gold medal match-up.

Sweden looked great but for years had lost their fight when it got important finishing in fourth place for three straight years.

The Americans were an early favourite and despite a loss to the Slovakians remained a favourite throughout the tournament thanks to their scoring depth.

Both of these teams had the talent to find themselves fighting for the gold medal this year and they were the early favourites before the tournament started.

The tournament had them facing each other earlier than most thought and only one would be able to get their shot at the gold.

The Swedes were ready to go while the Americans seemed to start a little too slow leaving the Swedes to go ahead early.

Eventually, things began to get out of hand as the Swedes continued to put up points and buried the Americans.

Despite a comeback attempt that put them within striking distance in the third period it wasn’t enough and the Juniors were set to see a new champion.

The next game was a match-up that seemed a little more uneven after the Czechs defeated the Finns in the quarterfinals.

That unexpected win gave the Czechs a date with the Canadians who had walked through the Swiss in the quarterfinals.

Once again the expected result was a win by the Canadians and the Czechs were just hoping for a miracle, which their coach said after the quarterfinals.

Canada made good on the expectations, beating the Czechs in another easy win for a perennial favourite.

That leaves the Canadians and the Swedes to fight it out in the final day of the tournament both looking for the gold medal.

The Canadians have come to this point plenty of times before but last year came up short against the Americans dropping multiple leads in the gold medal game.

For the Canadians, it has been three years since their last gold medal which is a drought by Canadians standards.

The Swedes have had a little bit longer of a drought on their hands after finishing fourth in the past three tournaments.

Their last gold medal was in 2012 and for a program that continues to produce great talent no medals in three tournaments and no golds is not in the plans.

They finally have a chance to get there and they are at least guaranteed a medal this year rather than missing out on one in the bronze medal game.

Despite all of the predictions before the tournament began, it became clear that these two teams were the best in the tournament.hockey-sidebar

The Swedes have yet to lose and the Canadians lost in a shootout to the Americans in the outdoor game that was a great display but is a game that left a lot to be solved.

The skill on both teams is extremely deep and there are a lot of potential NHL stars that will be playing in this game.

It is going to be tough for either team to break through and take the win but someone will come out on top.

They are built very similarly as both have a defence that doesn’t mind moving up in the play and scoring their own goals.

They also have depth on the offensive side of the ice that helps them put up plenty of goals that have buried their opponents.

As the Swedes and the Canadians face-off for the ultimate prize, the toughest game in the tournament will take place on the same day.

That is when the Americans and Czechs play for bronze just after losing out on their chance for the medal that they entered the tournament to get.

The bronze medal game is a tough game to get up for because it is the medal that nobody wants but losing that game means leaving the tournament with nothing.

As the medals figure themselves out the two teams fighting for their lives in the tournament figured out who would be staying in the top level.

The Danes beat the Belarussians in a shootout to take the best-of-three series and remain in the top tournament for another year while Belarus ends their short stay.

Things are coming to a close and a new champion will be crowned on the final day while everyone figures out where they stand among the best teams in the world.

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