NCAA Football Report (Bowl Week 3)

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Bowl season is already almost finished as the final games take place and the national championship gets its two teams.

The season, as always was full of surprises and blowouts while showcasing some of the best talent in the country.

There were break-out performances from players that proved that they would be someone to watch for the new year and seniors putting in their final performances before the draft.

It is a season with plenty of football and a lot of great talent all playing in a condensed period.

Whether you like the bowl season or think that it is a waste of time with so many bowls that mean nothing, the fact is that there is a lot of good football played in December.

As it closes out another champion is about to be crowned in the biggest bowls of them all, the college football playoff.

These are the epitome of the college football season as the best teams in the country get to face off and earn their spot in the National Championship game.

For some, this system is the perfect balance as it brings in humans to vote on who belongs rather than leaving it up to a formula in a computer.

It also allows four teams to compete for the right to play in the title game rather than just placing two teams in that situation.

After the BCS era teams finally had to earn their spot in the big game and it was the solution to the problem that the title game has had for a long time.

Things have gotten far better in how the NCAA determines a champion as before the BCS there were multiple champions based on the polls that came out.

Unanimous champions would need to be ranked at the top by every poll in the country and there was no game to determine a champion.

That changed with the BCS but it never took it far enough as rankings spit out by a computer determined the final two teams standing.

The CFP system goes further with the playoff but for some, it doesn’t go far enough and there should be more to the playoff.

This group of people believe that four teams is simply not good enough as a playoff sample and that there should be more playoff games.

Some have thrown out a 16-team format or have taken it even further with a 32-team format to determine the championship.

Most of the people wanting more would point to the NCAA basketball tournament as an example of what they can do and achieve with an expanded playoff.

The biggest problem with that is that, although March Madness is exciting, football is a very different sport.

Teams play only once a week in order to allow the players to recover from the punishment they take in a game and to allow the coaches to strategize for their next

Having an expanded playoff would leave the NCAA to try to figure out how to fit more games into the system they already have.

That would likely involve extending the season further into January and change some of the bowls around.

Tradition will likely force the NCAA to keep the New Year’s Six Bowls intact especially a game like the Rose Bowl that has a massive amount of history behind it.

It might simply be too complicated to pull off for the league and with so much more at odds with it, there is likely no expansion plan to big numbers.

Although, it would be interesting should they think about it at some point, especially if a trend begins to form in the playoff.

Should a team or conference truly begin to dominate for a longer period it might be good to mix things up again.

Even an expansion to eight teams could be an interesting one with more teams having a chance to play including the small schools.

Allowing these small schools into the playoff could make things a lot more fun as they are the schools that never get to test themselves against the best teams.

They are the unknown and having them in the playoff could make things more difficult for the bigger teams.

Then again it might end up being pointless as the top teams might always win anyway and nothing might change.

The change to the CFP initially put the SEC down from their dominance in the past but they are right back this year.

For now, though the teams stand at the top four and all hope to find their way to the title game with most fans hoping for the parity to continue in this new system.

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