2018 World Juniors Report (Day 3)

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Day 3 of the World Juniors saw the second upset of the tournament and this one was a major one.

Although the Russians opened their tournament with a loss to the Czech Republic it wasn’t as surprising as the upset on Day 3.

The Czech Republic beat the Russians but the Czechs have a long history of great play and they aren’t considered one of the worst teams.

Slovakia is different though as they are not a team that has ever really had a massive chance of winning a gold medal.

They are one of those teams that constantly sits in the middle not necessarily at relegation but also not really competing with the best teams in the tournament.

That was shown in their first game of the tournament when they lost to the Canadians 6-0 in a less than surprising win.

Slovakia has usually been the team that takes on those big teams and takes a loss while the games against the other teams are their chance to show their skill.day3

The team may usually be that middle of the road team but they are also a team with a habit of making an impact in this tournament.

They are a team that tends to put on upsets which they have been able to do multiple times throughout the years.

There aren’t many of these that have that reputation but they are always around these tournaments.

They are the teams with a certain make-up and style of play that can challenge the best teams in the world.

They seem to have something that makes the best teams struggle and every now and then they can spring the surprise.

Whether it is the best teams just not getting up for the games or the style of play really having that effect on the best teams.

It could be a combination of both and every year these teams enter the tournament with a chance to change the face of the tournament.

They always enter the tournament with that ability to upset one of the best teams in the tournament and the best teams need to know that it can happen.

This year the Americans were the second victim of the underdog upset and it was extremely unexpected.

The Slovakians had just come off of a major loss to the Canadians where they couldn’t score a single goal.

It wasn’t a great start to the tournament for the Slovakians and it seemed like they were head to an important game against Denmark to stay out of relegation.

The Americans were on another path after winning their first game convincingly and heading into their biggest game on Day 4 against Canada.

It was looking like the USA and Canada were going to have to play for the top spot in the group as they seemed to be better than the rest of the group.

hockey-sidebarThen the Slovakians launched their upset and as usual, they did it with the one formula that tends to work the best for anyone in the tournament.

The Slovakians changed their goalie for their second game as they went with Roman Durny and that turned out to be the best choice.

The Americans outplayed the Slovakians and tried everything they could to put up the goals they needed to beat the team that they should have beat.

It wasn’t enough though as they peppered Durny with 44 shots throughout the game but couldn’t put in any more than 2 goals.

The Slovakians put in three of their own and the upset was complete as the Americans were beat for the first time in the tournament.

For a team that was supposed to go undefeated with only the Canadian game looking like any kind of challenge.

Now they have to go through the rest of the tournament with that one loss on their record making things a little more difficult.

They will still have the chance to get two more wins this tournament and they won’t likely miss the playoffs but the loss is a big shot to their standing.

It puts them immediately behind the Canadians for the battle for first place meaning that their outdoor game on Day 4 means so much more for both teams.

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