UFC 219 Preview

ufc-219It is rare in any sport to see a talent that is so far ahead of everyone else that it comes to a point where they are simply unbeatable.

In the UFC it has rarely happened as every fighter, even the greatest in the history of the promotion can only win for so long.

Many are just too old by the time they start falling off and despite their heart, their bodies cannot keep up with the younger fighters coming up.

The UFC has seen its share of stars and great fighters but they may be finally stepping into an era where they are seeing one of the most dominant fighters ever.

It turns out that the fighter who could take that crown happens to be a female fighter that far and above every other fighter in the women’s divisions.

Cristiane Justino, better known as Cris Cyborg, has long been one of the greatest fighters in the world but has also been a bit of a controversial figure.

She failed a drug test in 2011 and that has stuck with her for the rest of her career despite never really failing again.

She did more recently run into some trouble while in the UFC failing another test but later getting an exemption from USADA for the drug that was used to recover from a tough weight cut.

For many, it is easy to assume that she is a PED user as she is a different physique than most women who fight.

She is more muscular than everyone she fights by a long shot and for some that eye test is enough to convict her after her initial failed drug test.

It has led to many fans having some complicated feelings about her career as they know she is better than anyone in the women’s divisions but if she is using that is all fake.

She has passed every test, aside from the one violation by USADA that was later lifted, and so far she has fought under the strictest of testing and passed every test.

That history kept the UFC from signing Cyborg to a deal but eventually, she became undeniable as the UFC brought her into the women’s stable.

The only issue was that not many of the women wanted to fight her and add that to the fact that the weight cut was pretty brutal to get down to 135 lbs that it was hard to find her a fight.

With the wins piling up after these tough weight cuts the UFC eventually decided that Cyborg was too big to let just fight every now and then, so they created a division that was essentially just for her.mma-sidebar.fw

The Featherweight division was much more comfortable for Cyborg and after dealing with her USADA issue she was in the UFC to compete and prove she was the greatest ever.

Her first fight in the division was a title fight against Tonya Evinger that earned her the belt and gave her one of her final accomplishments in MMA, a UFC belt.

Now it is her chance to step into the spotlight more than ever and take on the best of the best in the world of MMA to solidify her legacy as the best ever.

It is still not an easy thing to do as the number of fighters at her size remains sparse and most of those fighters don’t want to fight one of the most violent female fighters in the world.

The next up will be Holly Holm after months of build-up where both fighters have claimed plenty of things including that they didn’t want the fight.

Now the deal is set and one of the most accomplished female strikers in the world faces the most violent woman in MMA.

Holm has won just about everything there is to win in combat sports as a multiple time boxing and kickboxing champion as well as a former Bantamweight champion.

Cyborg is the legend that she has created as the greatest female fighter ever despite not being the major star that some other fighters were.

There have been rumours every week about super fights and the UFC is now leaning on those money fights to sell their brand.

This is the equivalent in the women’s divisions as this is two of the greatest to ever do it facing off for the belt and a chance to cement their legacy.

A win by Cyborg and the path to Megan Anderson, one of the few women some think can challenge Cyborg, is clear.

A win by Holm and the title of world beater is official after taking out two of the biggest names in the world of women’s MMA.



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