Wednesday Morning QB (Week 16)

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There is only one week left in the NFL season and things seem to be pretty well figured out with only a few spots remaining in the playoffs.

Most teams won’t be playing for much if anything in the final week of the season while a few teams will play for their football lives.

One team, in particular, will have a massive game that to the wider audience means little to nothing.

The Cleveland Browns will head into Week 17 against the Pittsburgh Steelers with one of the worst records ever for a team in the NFL.

They have yet to win a game this season and head into the final week of the season in danger of putting together the worst record in NFL history.

The Browns would tie the Detroit Lions from 2008 for the worst record going 0-16 and becoming only the second team to lose 16 straight games.

That is never something that they wanted to do at the start of a season where they thought they could turn things around.

Then again the Browns have believed that they were going to turn things around for a number of years and so far have not been able to do it in any season.

The Browns have been the joke of the league since they returned to the league in 1999 and since then they have never made the playoffs.

With a countless list of names at quarterback and coach, the Browns have never been able to find any consistency.

No matter the changes they made they always sat at the bottom of the league but they have never had a season as poor as this one.

They have never had a season where they lost every game as they always seemed to come up with a win or two.

This year they came close plenty of times even taking the Green Bay Packers to overtime, albeit a Packers team without Aaron Rodgers.

In the end, though they could never get that win and now they have one more week to avoid that terrible chapter in the history books.

It might not be good for them though as the Steelers are not a pushover even if they decide to sit some of the best players.

If the Browns get that stain on their team it will only make things worse for a franchise that has been unable to find their way out of the bottom of the league.

The Browns are now the franchise that nobody wants to play for because of the dysfunction that has gone through the franchise in the last few years.

It has gotten so bad with the latest terrible season that now players are wondering if they should even enter the draft.

Josh Rosen is considered one of the top quarterbacks in the 2018 draft as the UCLA product has impressed every franchise.

Although there is some debate, he seems like a good choice to be the first quarterback taken in the draft.

If he does that the Browns will have the first chance to take him and they have been wanting to find a quarterback for

They have taken plenty of them in the draft and none have worked out as they either get someone who simply has too many problems off of the field or they start a young QB too soon.

Rosen has already provided some doubt about the organization and has left some to believe that he might return to the NCAA.

He could avoid being drafted by the Browns if he heads back to school for another year but there is no guarantee that they won’t take him the year after.

Still, the fact that this rumour exists shows that there aren’t a lot of people overly excited to head to Cleveland in the draft.

Although the Browns have been looking for a quarterback for years there still is some debate about whether or not they actually go after a quarterback with the first overall pick.

There are other talented players in the draft and with DeShone Kizer looking like he could be a good option under centre they may want to take someone else.

Even with all of those factors, there is that thought that a player headed to the Browns is in for a short career.

No matter who they have in place they seem to take talented players and put them in bad situations.

It could be just that or the fact that they take players that look good on tape but off of the field are nowhere near as great.

Either way, the Browns are a franchise in a lot of trouble and with only one game left to save themselves from one of the worst seasons in the history of the league.


Fifth Quarter

Earl Thomas Halfway Out

As the season ends teams and players are preparing for the playoffs but some player seems to have other things on their mind. This week after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Seattle Seahawks a strange moment unfurled in front of the cameras. As Jason Garrett walked towards the locker room Earl Thomas ran after him and said a telling statement. Thomas told Garrett that if he could to sign him in the off-season as Thomas seemed more concentrated on his free agency after the game than on the playoff spot that they had been fighting for this week.

Releasing Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers came back in Week 15 to attempt to lead the Packers into the playoffs but things didn’t go according to plan. The Packers lost and the season was essentially over which prompted the Packers to place Rodgers back on the injured reserve for the rest of the season. That hasn’t gone over well with the other teams though as a number of them have complained about the changes the Packers made. The NFL allows a team to designate one player to return from the IR, which they followed, to put a player back on the IR they need to suffer a new injury. That never happened and so many teams are asking the NFL to force the Packers to release their star quarterback as punishment, although not much is likely to come of that.

Gruden Looking

John Gruden has long been one of the top names on everyone’s list when a coaching spot opens up in the NFL. For years he has stated that he had no interest in returning to the NFL sidelines but things might be changing. Reports have indicated the Gruden has begun to call around seeing who might be available to be a part of a coaching staff should he accept a job somewhere. The likely home seems to be Tampa Bay, who were just eliminated from the playoffs, but wherever it is it seems like Gruden is on his way back.

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