NCAA Football Report (Bowl Week 1)

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It’s that time of the year again as Bowl Season is underway and the countdown to the playoff officially begins.

The new season also brings a very big debate back for another year and that is the debate over the number of bowls in the NCAA.

There are a total of 41 bowl games until early January when the season finishes with the National Championship.

Those 41 bowl games have always been a source of controversy for the NCAA as it is a complicated postseason.

The games are both meaningful and not at all meaningful which is where the real debate lies.

There is no real postseason in Division-I FBS as conferences are given only one championship game and only four teams make the College Football Playoff.

It leaves a lot of other teams out and gives many of them little to no chance of ever playing for a championship.

Some programs are simply too small to ever be considered and others are never going to be able to compete with the massive programs.

So many of them are left out in the cold when it comes to playing for a championship and that leads to a want for more.

Bowl games rose out of a lot of different situations but essentially the start of bowl games was a chance for fans to see the best take on the best.

With teams all over the country and no TV to let anyone watch any team, these games were often the only chances for fans to see the best teams from around the country.

They continued to evolve as the game evolved and quickly became massive events on the sports calendar.

That status of so many bowls as big events brought plenty of other teams and conferences to the table.

Everyone wanted to create a feature game that could bring the top teams from the smaller conferences to a big game.

Without that chance to play in the biggest games smaller conferences began creating more bowls and it gave their teams a chance to play on a big stage.

Eventually, it reached the point that it is now where the big stage status of many of the games is not so big stage.

The amount of bowls has diluted the importance of so many of these bowls and aside from the few around New Year’s none are all that important.

Still, games like the Las Vegas Bowl or the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl are used by schools as a recruiting tool.

Teams that can consistently be bowl eligible have that status and use that status to try to get the best players.

Obviously, the best players in the country prefer to go to teams that can consistently compete in the playoff but players at a different level want to play in those bowls.

That means that these bowls become a massive marketing tool for the small teams that will never play for the National Championship.

There is the other ugly side of bowls though as these games are not as simple as just showing up and playing.

Teams must pay to play in these games along with paying to get there and stay there while the bowl committees provide little to no support.

It can cost teams more than they will ever earn from winning the game which makes things very

Smaller teams don’t have the budgets as the big programs and attending these games can be a real strain on their programs.

Yet they also need these game in order to get better recruits in the hopes that they can rise to the playoff.

It might be a pipe dream for some to play at that highest level but the fact is these games are a necessary evil for these smaller programs.

That is the way things are now and too many people are making too much money off of these bowl games for it to stop now.

It is a constant battle in the NCAA as it remains one of the biggest leagues in North America but much of the money made stays in the hands of a few.

While small programs and players struggle to stick around or to eat committees and the leagues, as well as big schools, are all getting richer.

It isn’t the best system but it is what is there now and although it might not be the greatest these bowls can provide some entertainment.

They can also be a showcase for players who can get a boost as they head towards the NFL and show what they can do on the biggest stage they have.

It isn’t all bad but it is a strange system like many in the NCAA as the bowl season is here and players along with teams look to make an impression for their biggest games of the year.

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