NCAA Football Report (Week 15)

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It was Army-Navy week with only one game on the schedule and it was one of the biggest rivalries in the sport between the two largest service academies.

The game was a classic as Army took the win in the snow to officially begin a streak of two straight after losing for fourteen straight years.

That wasn’t the only major story of the week though as the season officially wrapped up with the major awards being handed out and the Bowl season approaching.

Of course, the biggest award of them all was also announced with the next Heisman Trophy winner announced.

This year the battle for that award was a big one but as the season wound down it seemed pretty clear that one player had found his way to the top of the heap.

Although Baker Mayfield looked like the early favourite but dropped off thanks to the versatility of Saquon Barkley, in the end, he was undeniable.

Mayfield took home his first Heisman ever after years of coming close but never quite finishing off the run.

He has had one of the more winding roads to the Heisman Trophy and his impact on the league will be remembered for a long time.

He may be among a small fraternity of players who were named the best in the game but he is so much more than that.

Mayfield is a player hat never should have been in this situation, standing on a stage in New York accepting the biggest award in college football.

As a three-star recruit out of Lake Travis High School in Texas, Mayfield got little interest from the big programs.

Instead of accepting a scholarship to a smaller program he decided to walk-on at Texas Tech and try to make his way in the Big 12.

Due to a pre-season injury to their starter, the Red Raiders looked to Mayfield to start in his freshman year impressing them enough to give him a shot.

It was a great story and it looked like Texas Tech had stumbled into a diamond in the rough with this quarterback.

He was injured in that season though and after his injury, the Red Raiders seemed to move on until they were in the heart of a losing streak when they finally brought him back.

That didn’t seem to sit too well with Mayfield and with his relationship broken, he claims he never received a scholarship offer from Texas Tech after the season, with the coaching staff he announced that he would transfer to Oklahoma.

This is where things got even bigger for Mayfield as NCAA rules stated that any player transferring to a new school was required to sit out a full season before being eligible to play.

In the Big 12, a player that transfers inside the conference would lose that year of eligibility leaving Mayfield with only two years left after 2014.  football-sidebar

He fought that ruling and the Big 12 conference and although he still had to sit out a year he gained an extra year back of eligibility after the conference changed the rule.

The “Mayfield Rule” now allows walk-on players without a written scholarship to transfer as they wish without having to lose a year of eligibility.

That is a big thing as Mayfield changed the way that the NCAA and Big 12 look at transfers, a very controversial topic in the league.

His start in the NCAA and the backlash he faced with his Texas Tech decision, he was reportedly asked to leave a restaurant in Lubbock and did so to a chorus of boos, led to a dynamic player and personality.

He rubs people the wrong way with his cockiness and trash talking but more often than not that trash talk comes as a response.

Mayfield went all out this season after players from Kansas refused to shake his hand before the coin toss, that trash talk including Mayfield grabbing his crotch which resulted in him losing his captaincy.

He planted an Oklahoma flag at Ohio State’s stadium after the Buckeyes did the same only a year ago.

Most won’t state the reasoning behind his outbursts and so he gets the reputation of a toxic player that will get his team in trouble.

The fact is, Mayfield is an emotional player and that emotion drives him to do anything and everything to make plays.

He did that plenty in his final season and whether you love him or hate him he is the best player in the country.

That could translate to a boost up the draft rankings as some believe he is the best quarterback in the draft while others don’t like his attitude.

Either way, this player that almost everyone missed out of high school and that nobody seemed to give much love to will be in the NFL last year and is the best player in the country for 2017.

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