UFC Fight Night 123 Preview

ufc-fn123A new year is approaching and in the UFC it seems more and more like that new year is bringing some long waiting fighters to the forefront.

The era of the big talkers and money fights is still around and 2018 will likely continue the trend as fighters who can talk the talk and bring eyes to the promotion will still dominate.

More and more though that song and dance is getting old for many of the core fans of the UFC and they just want to see the best against the best.

Those money fights are fun to see every now and then but there are a number of very good fighters making their way through divisions without any hype surrounding them.

Those fighters seem to be ending the year getting their due though as more fighters are finding their way to big fights after long treks through the division.

In the Lightweight division, Tony Ferguson is finally getting some recognition after putting together a winning streak that dates back to 2013.

Because he was never the biggest draw he remained in the middle of the division fighting and beating everyone they put in front of him.

Eventually, he couldn’t be denied and earlier this year he won the interim lightweight title, finally getting the championship that everyone believed he deserved.

He now awaits the king of the money fight era, Conor McGregor to make a decision and see if he can begin his own reign at the top of the lightweight division.

Following closely behind Ferguson is Max Holloway who also has another massive win streak that dates back to 2014.

Holloway was another fighter who earned the title that many thought he deserved and then defended it a week ago to officially begin what he likes to call the Blessed era in the featherweight division.

Both fighters had seen long periods where they fought through everyone in their respective divisions but neither made headlines.

As 2017 ends both are now champions with bigger fights ahead for each of them and new eras beginning in 2018.

For Holloway, there is another fighter who is made from the same mould that is coming and looking to end 2017 with an extra boost.

Brian Ortega has put together a pretty impressive record both outside of the UFC and as a UFC fighter.

Yet not many know much about him or have heard his name as a top contender in the featherweight division.mma-sidebar.fw

Overall Ortega is 12-0 in his MMA career including four straight wins in the UFC against some pretty good competition.

He has yet to really break through though and a big part of it has to do with the fact that he has not been the most active fighter.

After almost a full year off after 2016, this will be his second fight in 2017 as he hopes to begin truly making an impact now.

He has never lost a fight and now he will take on possibly his biggest competition in Cub Swanson.

Although he has faced veterans like Thiago Tavares and Clay Guida, Swanson is a different type of fighter.

Swanson has only ever lost two fights in the UFC and those losses were two of the best fighters in the featherweight division.

One is the champion Max Holloway and the other is the likely top contender in Frankie Edgar.

Having those two fights back to back was not going to help anyone and for Swanson, it set him back a ways after putting together a six-fight win streak.

Since those two losses he has returned to his winning ways with a four-fight win streak and is hoping that he can add Ortega to his list.

If he can continue to win he can climb back up to the top of the division and attempt to compete once again with the likes of Holloway and Edgar.

It is his chance to get back to the top of the division and take another shot but taking out an undefeated fighter.

Of course, none of that is going to be easy and for both fighters, this is a fight that could change a lot for both of them heading into a new year.

In a period where fighters are beginning to get their due both Swanson and Ortega are trying to step out of the shadows.


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