Wednesday Morning QB (Week 13)

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Football is an emotional game that deals with quick bursts of speed, skill and violence that lends itself to high emotions.

Those emotions can be a big boost for teams and players as those who can play within those emotions can always be better.

It can make them focus more and can provide that extra boost to a group that everyone needs in order to play the game.

It isn’t an easy thing to do to get up for a game where injuries are a guarantee and that reality makes the sport one of the toughest.

So they use that emotion to help them play the game and get up for the violence that is about to occur.

That emotion is not necessarily always great though because it can be very important but it can also get out of control.

Week 13 in the NFL season saw a number of perfect examples of that emotion getting out of hand.

It was a week where things got out of hand fast and it is not the first time that it has happened as a theme is growing.

Although he is not necessarily known for being the smartest player on the field, despite his football IQ, Rob Gronkowski has never really been an emotional player.

Yet he is at the centre of one of the biggest issues this week after hitting Tre’Davious White during his Week 13 game against Buffalo.

The hit came far after the play and White suffered a concussion as a result of Gronkowski landing directly on his head.

It was a strange move by a player that had never really been in trouble on the field but emotions have gotten the better of many players.

Rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster had his own mental lapse thanks to emotion after blindsiding Vontaze Burfict with a hit to the head that put the linebacker out of the game.

Marcus Peters had his own issues as well when he threw a penalty flag into the stands after the referees called a holding penalty.

These three incidents certainly all had different results with two leaving other players off of the field for the rest of the game and possibly more.

Gronkowski and Smith-Schuster were suspended for one game thanks to the injuries they inflicted on the other players.

It seems to be something that is happening more often in the league as players seem to be letting emotions get the best of them more and more.

That trend is all a part of the new era of football as there are players from a new generation that are letting emotions in a lot more.

It is not always a bad thing though as these new players are allowing themselves to be more like themselves.

The new generation is not happy with towing the company line and giving boring answers and it is making the league more

These new players are more exciting than in the past because they are willing to go out on a limb and show their personality.

It makes the league fun to watch when these personalities are out there having fun playing a game.

The ugly side is beginning to show up though as the emotion that makes them unique can also turn around and bite them.

That emotion can come out in the form of a cheap hit or stupid move and can make these players seem like crybabies.

Often they are and that hasn’t changed a lot over the years but in the past, it usually stayed in the locker room until it got too much.

Now scenes of players throwing fits because they aren’t getting the ball or are upset about playcalling seem to be on every week.

It doesn’t sit well with traditionalists and like this week it can really hurt a team by providing a 15-yard penalty and a suspension where they lose a good player.

For some, the emotion is too much and it is not worth the talent that these players display especially if they add up the penalty yards.

For others, this is just a part of the package with a new generation of players that are bringing more life into the league.

It isn’t a great part of that new generation but it is a part of it and Week 13 showed what can happen when the emotion that makes the game great takes a turn for the worst.


Fifth Quarter

Change in New York

Heading into Week 13 it seemed like something was going to be changing in New York after Eli Manning was benched for the first time in 210 starts. That change came immediately after their Week 13 game with the Giants firing head coach Ben McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese. Both had a hand in benching Manning and both are now out of a job but the damage might already be done as talk has already risen about Manning’s future in the Big Apple.

Rodgers Returning

The Green Bay Packers have been hanging on without Aaron Rodgers under centre and are at risk for missing the playoffs for the first time in eight years. Rodgers looks to be on the mend after breaking his collarbone earlier in the year though and seems to be targeting a return in Week 15. If they can beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 14 they will be in a position to potentially get a playoff spot and Rodgers could make a return in an attempt to take them to the playoffs for another year.

Scary Moment for Shazier

It is not a play that any fan or player wants to see as Ryan Shazier went down during Monday Night Football. The Pittsburgh linebacker went head-on into a collision and seemed to land a hit that has ended careers before. When he rolled over and clearly had no feeling in his legs it got scarier as that kind of spinal injury has left people paralyzed. Good news came later in the week as Shazier’s season might be over but he did have feeling in his legs.



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