UFC Fight Night 122 Preview

ufc-fn122One of the greatest legends in the history of the sport is quickly being wiped off of the map of the greats in MMA.

Anderson Silva was once the greatest MMA fighter of all time ruling the middleweight division for years and amassing the best run in UFC history.

It took Demetrious Johnson until only a few months ago to beat Silva’s record for consecutive title defences.

That legacy is beginning to be tarnished and quickly as Silva was hit with a USADA suspension for a failed drug test.

He was off for just over a year before returning and taking a loss to Michael Bisping and now he is facing his second failed drug test.

A scheduled fight against Kelvin Gastelum was set for UF Fight Night 122 as Silva was looking to prove that he can still hang around with the young guns like Gastelum.

The failed USADA test by Gastelum for marijuana ended the first attempt at that fight and then Silva’s second failed test for steroids ended it again.

That second failed test looms large for Silva as that legacy of being one of the best ever is now truly in doubt.

When the second sample comes back it could determine whether or not his legacy is of one of the best fighters ever or a fighter that was great but possibly using PEDs to be great.

As his legacy hangs in the balance and another fight was cancelled with Silva removed but a veteran fighter stepped in looking to solidify his legacy.

Since USADA was brought in many fighters have just looked different as they are not the same fighters that they used to be.

As many top fighters from the past are revealed to have used PEDs at some point in their careers some are emerging for just how great they have been.

Michael Bisping is one of those fighters as he was always a fighter that mad it right to the edge of being great and falling just short.

It turns out that he often fell short against other fighters that have either failed drug tests or look very different with new drug testing.

As these fighters stopped using these PEDs or potentially started not using them for those who never failed a drug test Bisping began to emerge.

If he was a younger fighter in the same environment he may have been a champion for a very long time.

Instead, he was a champion for over a year after beating Luke Rockhold and then defending his belt against Dan Henderson.

It might not have been a legendary run but it was one that was well-deserved after years of getting so close but falling short.

He is the winningest fighter in UFC history and one of the most active fighters in UFC history.

Bisping brought talking before McGregor and continues it after McGregor and has done just about everything there is to do in the sport.


His fight against Georges St. Pierre only a few weeks ago was another notch as he fought a legend in a massive fight that earned him around $500,000.

Like most fighter though, Bisping did not want to go out on a loss and although many thought his fight against St. Pierre was sure to be his last he clearly has some fight left in him.

Most fighters receive a medical suspension after their fights and Bisping received a 30-day suspension after his loss but will fight within 21-days.

That suspension is only good in the USA and his willingness to fight so soon after his last fight seems to show the writing on the wall.

Bisping is not going to stick around for a lot longer and a fight in China won’t have much to do with his suspension in the USA.

He will take this fight and might seek one more in his home country as he walks away from the sport cementing his legacy.

It won’t be easy as he hopes to end his time in the sport with a win but Gastelum is not a pushover in this fight.

He has struggled to get fights after missing weight and failing a drug test for marijuana but he has plenty of talent.

He will look to add a legend to his wins as he continues to pursue a title with plenty of time left in his career if he can figure things out outside of the octagon.

Bisping will look to solidify his legacy with this short notice fight and it will only be more impactful as he replaces a legend who is losing his legacy.


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