Wednesday Morning QB (Week 11)

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One of the biggest battles of the season is continuing on but it isn’t on the field as the real battle is happening in the head offices.

Roger Goodell entered the season looking for what he hoped was a long extension as the commissioner of the NFL.

After all, the commissioner might not be the most popular among the fans or the players but he had presided over the most successful period in NFL history for the teams and the owners.

As the representative of the owners, he has been doing his job since 2006 and has helped to grow a sport through a difficult time.

The face of the game is changing and the environment around it even more as Goodell is trying to make the adjustments, although possibly not fast enough.

It never seemed like there was much of a reason for the owners to not give him an extension this season and the talks began immediately.

It was almost a done deal until one owner that has been particularly outspoken and holds a lot of power began to speak out against Goodell.

Jones held up the negotiations and stalled the extension and all due to what he believes was an unfair suspension to one of his young stars.

Goodell is almost used to this by now as he butted heads with New England owner Robert Kraft during the investigation into Deflategate.

After he decided to suspend Tom Brady, Kraft began speaking out against the commissioner and began siding with the players who believe he has too much power.

The same is happening again this year after Goodell suspended Ezekiel Elliott for six games after reports surfaced of a domestic abuse incident involving the young running back.

For Goodell, images of Ray Rice began popping into his head and in an attempt to avoid the same criticism he received during that scandal he decided on a harsher punishment.

He decided to suspend Elliott for six games following the accusations but for some, it wasn’t quite far enough.

Jones was one of those people who believed that the NFL shouldn’t have suspended someone who was never charged with an actual crime.

More likely though the disagreement from Jones came from the fact that he is one of the most involved owners in the NFL and did not want to see a part of his dynamic duo on the sidelines.

Without Elliott there were some serious questions about how the Cowboys would fair this year and although he has fought the suspension to stay in the lineup most of the year the team has struggled since his suspension began.

Jones was not happy about the suspension and began his own campaign against the commissioner to punish Goodell for the decision.

Recently that battle has emerged as Jones had reportedly told Goodell that he was going to come after him with

Throughout the season in the offices, Jones has looked to stop Goodell at every step of the way even requesting a vote of non-confidence in the commissioner.

If most owners were to do this it would be a big deal but not nearly as big as Jones who is one of the most vocal owners in the league.

He is widely considered one of the most influential as well, often having a significant say in league decisions that require an owners vote.

If Jones was on board the change would most likely go through and so when Jones began speaking against Goodell many wondered if others would follow suit.

It turns out that it hasn’t been the case over the last few weeks as the owners are not on the side of Jones.

It seems like Jones is fighting a battle all by himself and although he wields a lot of power he doesn’t seem to have enough to get everyone on board.

The vote he wanted to hold to remove Goodell was rejected by the rest of the owners and Jones seems to be losing momentum.

The contract talks continue to be in limbo and it could be due to the continued issues that Jones brings up or the requests from Goodell himself.

Either way, the fight continues in the front office with many of the owners seem willing to continue to make money with Goodell leading the way.

Jones might still win this battle and get his payback but even if he does his power over the other owners seems to be diminishing.

Although it doesn’t seem that important as rich owners are arguing with a rich commissioner that makes them money it is an extremely important fight.

Whether you agree or disagree with the direction of the league and the game the decision in the commissioner’s office could change everything.

If Jones gets his way a new head of the league will need to be found where the direction of the league could take a turn.

Goodell could also stay and continue his work although for many that is not necessarily a good thing.


Fifth Quarter

The Lynch Era Begins

The Denver Broncos were coming into the season with high expectations but their troubles at quarterback have begun to hurt their chances. Those troubles continue as the Broncos announced that Brock Osweiler will sit next week after another loss. In his place is Paxton Lynch the young QB considered the future of the position in Denver. Lynch gets his shot now and looks to salvage what he can out of the season for the Broncos.

QB Controversy in Buffalo

The Bills are in line to make a serious run at the playoffs but the team is not happy with their quarterback play. That is why they sat Tyrod Taylor this past week to bring in Nathan Peterman in Week 11. That decision didn’t turn out well as Peterman threw four interceptions on the day after Taylor only threw three the entire season. Taylor came in midway through the game but a decision has yet to be made for Week 12.

Extending their Stay

The Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots were the latest participants in the NFL’s continuing effort to extend beyond the borders of the USA. They took their game to Mexico City this week where the Patriots easily got by the Raiders and Marshawn Lynch was called out by the President. The build-up and hype of the game had the league happy though as they extended their agreement to continue to play in Mexico through 2021.

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