Small Card, Big Results

ufc-fn120Sometimes the UFC is criticised for the amount of fight cards that they put on throughout the year.

It is a massive amount as the UFC began a run of having eleven events in eleven weeks beginning on October 21 and only taking one week off until December 30.

It is a big amount of fights in a small time and it has been one of the biggest issues with the promotion for the last few years.

They put on a number of cards and spread their roster so thin that often it is hard to get the best and biggest fighters on some of the bigger cards.

That has led to some issues this year as the pay-per-views before UFC 217 did not do well and were some of the lowest in years for the promotion.

It led to the conversation about the amount of cards again rises up and UFC Fight Night 120 could have been a perfect example.

The week after the biggest card of the year a card in Norfolk, Virginia that was free on FS1 and TSN didn’t really have a lot of hype attached to it in the week leading up.

All of the concentration was on UFC 217 both before and after the fight while the fighters on the card didn’t initially inspire a lot of excitement.

That is the thing about these smaller cards as they might not get the hype and they might not have the biggest names but they certainly can be some of the most entertaining.

These cards are full of fights between fighters needing to prove something and trying to get to that superstar level.

Whether it is a veteran looking to make his or her way back to the spotlight or a young fighter trying to make his or her first impression.

These small cards are meant for the smaller fighters to prove what they have and although not every card is a home run they can sometimes have more fireworks than the pay-per-view fights.

UFC Fight Night 120 initially may not have been a card that many cared much about but the more you looked into it as a UFC fan the more exciting it got.

The card would see Clay Guida make his return to the octagon with a big TKO win in pure Clay Guida fashion.

He rushed forward with that endless energy and eventually overwhelmed Joe Lauzon to earn the TKO.

The night also saw Raphael Assunção earn another big knockout against Matthew Lopez in his pursuit of a trilogy with T.J. Dillashaw.

Then the co-main event which was possibly the most exciting for the UFC fans as it was between two great fighters that love to brawl.

Matt Brown and Diego Sanchez may not be headed towards a title anytime soon as they are on the back-end of their careers but they are certainly still some of the most exciting fighters.

Brown proved that with one of the most impressive knockouts of the night when he landed a big elbow that ended Sanchez’s night.

The fight card may not have initially looked like a great one but the main card was not proving that these small cards can provide plenty of fireworks. mma-sidebar.fw

The entire card was capped off by two top lightweights both not only looking for a win but looking for an impressive win.

Anthony Pettis and Dustin Poirier were not necessarily scheduled for a top contender fight in the division but both have a name and needed simply to impress to win.

A win for either would be big and help them move closer to the title but an impressive win was sure to make them an instant title contender in a division with a lot of contenders.

From the start, the matchup was considered an interesting one and both fighters proved it to be true right from the outset.

Both fighters lined up and began striking before taking it to the ground where Pettis was cut wide open thanks to some big elbows from Poirier.

Pettis did plenty himself turning things around in the first and landing his own set of devastating elbows.

The same continued in the second round as Poirier remained on top most of the fight but was almost caught in a triangle twice throughout the round.

It was pretty even in terms of chance sot finish it as they headed to the third but Poirier continued his successful strategy.

He remained on top trying to finish the fight as Pettis struggled to get back into a good spot.

As Poirier looked to finish in the third, Pettis tried to turn out of a bad position and clearly hurt something in his rib cage.

As he turned he tapped out with Poirier about to get to mount and went to his ribs right after the fight.

The win helps Poirier get even closer to the title as he is not very far off from getting that title shot that he has been looking for while Pettis took the loss and will need to restart his pursuit of the title.

The fight was a great one and one that capped off a great night even if it wasn’t built as a great night, like many of the Fight Night cards.



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