2017 CFL Playoff Preview

playoff-previewThe CFL is back to its old tricks as the league seemed to have everything figured out until all of a sudden it didn’t.

That has often been the case in the league as there have been countless years where the best teams at the start of the year didn’t end up on top.

This season the league saw a very familiar story as the west was dominant for another season and the leaders of that dominant division were their old selves.

The Calgary Stampeders had one of the best seasons ever in 2016 putting together a better winning percentage than all but one team in the history of the league.

They were the easy selection to win the Grey Cup as there were really no teams that had challenged them all year.

Meanwhile, in the east, the Edmonton Eskimos were the crossover team that some expected to make the Grey Cup for the first time ever.

The Eskimos were a better team than any in the east and they had a good shot at making their way to the Grey Cup in what was anticipated to be a Battle of Alberta final.

Then the Ottawa REDBLACKS happened and eliminated the Eskimos in the eastern final before taking out the other Alberta team in a thrilling Grey Cup.

Just when everyone seemed to believe in one of the easiest playoffs to predict it all went to the wayside and an unexpected champion rose up.

The same could be said for this year except everything has changed before the playoffs even began.

The season started with the familiar teams looking like they could be great and many proved that they were exactly that.

The Stampeders rose to the top of the league once again and were easily the best team in the country while the east continued to struggle through the season.

The west was strong once again and the Riders seemed like the odd team out in what was going to be a pretty predictable season with what seemed like a predictable finish.

Then the season began to turn around as the Riders were no longer the odd team out having turned things around.

They began winning while BC began losing and the Riders looked to climb the rankings.

In the east things began to look different too as the Toronto Argonauts started to find a way to win and rose to the top of the division in a fight with the REDBLACKS.

Although the Argonauts did win with a .500 record they have looked better in the last few weeks of the season then they have all year.

As the end of the year approached the Calgary Stampeders began to lose more games lacking that focus that brought them to the top.football-sidebar

The Edmonton Eskimos had struggled throughout the season but began to win and find their way back.

Meanwhile, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers lost their starting quarterback putting their future in doubt.

The league had everything figured out as the best teams were clear as they could be and the playoffs were going to be among these great teams.

Everything has changed though and Week 20 saw a far different league than Week 10 with everything looking different.

That is going to make the playoffs far more difficult to predict than anyone thought.

Of course, the Stampeders are still favourites as they are the most experienced and consistent team in the league.

They may have struggled recently but it might be tough to argue that they won’t be ready for the playoffs.

The Toronto Argonauts have looked like a different team in the last few weeks but they are still a .500 team leaving some to wonder if they have what it takes to win.

The Blue Bombers could challenge in the west but the health of Matt Nichols is a massive concern and could determine how well they do.

Edmonton is playing well right now but they have struggled this year and those struggles could come back although they might be playing the best football right now.

The REDBLACKS are another team that is playing well but they have only played one game in the last three weeks and that has some worried that they could start slow in their semi-final game.

That game will be against the Saskatchewan Roughriders who crossover as one of the best teams playing right now.

Despite their unconventional use of their quarterbacks, they are winning games but they will have to deal with the crossover where no team has ever made a Grey Cup.

There are questions about every team and there is no chance that anyone knows what will happen.

That is where the playoffs begin for the league with nothing figured out and everything left in the air in what could be a playoffs where anyone can win.


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