Wednesday Morning QB (Week 7)

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This week in the NFL saw its third London Game of the season in what has become a tradition for the league.

It continues to be one of the biggest debates every year with interest apparently growing for the NFL to move to London.

They would be the first of the major North American leagues to travel beyond the borders of the USA and Canada.

It would also be a major risk as there is still a lot of doubt about whether or not the English fanbase is big enough for a team.

That hasn’t stopped some of the talk as the league has reportedly begun looking a lot more seriously at the proposition.

Meanwhile, there are owners willing to either move their current team or own a team that is held in London.

The London games began as an experiment for the league to try to reach out to a spot in the world where North American sports has not been able to do much if anything.

They had some success in the first few years in stadiums like Wembley and the thought began to pop into the minds of those in charge of the NFL.

Some believed and still believe that the league has a future there and that the league can be an international one, at least more than any other of the big leagues on this side of the world.

That thought has become a lot more realistic now than ever before with the league truly believing that they can do it and do it successfully.

The one aspect that has been left out of the equation is the players though as they are rarely talked about when it comes to these big decisions.

If the league wants to expand to a brand new continent they won’t need permission they simply need the money and the commitment.

Players might not be too happy with the decision though as they are going to be the ones dealing with all of the issues that come with a team across an ocean.

Todd Gurley expressed his emotions about the games that the league is currently undertaking as he spent another week in his second season travelling to England.

He wasn’t very happy with it but it will be a common occurrence for the young running back with the Rams having a game in London every year for the next five seasons.

This week he told the NFL to stop all of the international games and that they are just terrible.

Of course, like most NFL stars he back-tracked slightly saying that he loves the experience but the travel is too much.

With a total of four games this year, the league will take their show to Twickenham next week but the plans are to expand with the possibility of eight games next year.

That means players like Gurley will need to get used to the fact that they will be travelling to London throughout the next few years.

The displeasure with the travelling is understandable and it is the biggest concern for a team in the country.

The travel between the USA and England could be the biggest obstacle for a team across the Atlantic Ocean.

For an owner, the cost could be their biggest fear as they could easily spend a massive amount of money flying the team to and from the

What is rarely talked about though is less on the business side of things and more on the personal side of things.

That is the toll that the travel can have on the players who need to overcome the flight overseas for at least half of the season.

That means that half of the year they could be staying in another country making things much more difficult.

There is already plenty of talk about the western road trips and what it means for teams in the east as well as vice versa.

Imagine doubling that effect y travelling to a brand new country for half of the season and attempting to be competitive.

It won’t help the players and their health as travelling that long can certainly take a toll on the bodies of the players.

That travel can also have a big effect on the level of game that the NFL sees from the London team.

Trying to keep things competitive and give every team a chance to be great has been a goal of the league for years.

Putting a team in London is sure to have an effect and is likely to make things worse for the team across the pond.

Players already don’t like the idea of playing games on the other side of the Atlantic but playing there for half of the season is not going to be a popular decision.

That decision is a while away though as the London games will continue and as they continue the players could feel less enthusiastic about the travel every year.


Fifth Quarter

The Bad Side of Lynch

Marshawn Lynch returned home this season when he signed with the Oakland Raiders and his love for the game has made him even more popular than ever. His no-care attitude is great for the fans as they have seen him dancing on the sidelines and just enjoying his time in the league. That no-care attitude has also put Lynch on the wrong side every now and then which happened this week. That is when Lynch ran off of the sidelines and onto the field after a controversial hit on Derek Carr while also making contact with the official. He received a one-game suspension that was upheld after an appeal.

Back at Halftime

It has been a while since Justin Timberlake appeared on Super Bowl stage thanks to a controversial show alongside Janet Jackson in 2004. That will change this year as Timberlake was officially announced as the halftime performer for Super Bowl LII in Minnesota next February. The decision prompted some to wonder why Jackson had not been invited while the NFL responded and said she had never been banned and nobody knows who Timberlake might invite to perform with him.

Streak Over

There is little question that Joe Thomas has been the best player and most reliable player for Cleveland over the years. His 11-year streak of playing every snap for the Browns made him a fan favourite and the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal franchise. That streak came to an end this week though as Thomas left the game after his 10,636th consecutive snap after injuring his tricep on the play. His game streak will also end as it was revealed that he tore his tricep and will be out for the entire season leaving the Browns without their star.

Another Chance Lost

The Miami Dolphins started the season with terrible news when their starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill went down with an injury. That injury would keep him out most of the season and so they went looking for someone else signing Jay Cutler out of retirement to lead the team. The signing caused some controversy as Colin Kaepernick seemed like a good choice but was passed over for a retired player. Just as Cutler was finding his groove he went down as well and Kaepernick’s chance was there again although the Dolphins passed again signing David Fales instead of the former San Francisco QB.


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