NCAA Football Report (Week 8)

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Throughout an NCAA season, it is rare that one game can have a massive impact on the league and the rankings.

That wasn’t the case this week as the NCAA saw two very important games only in Week 8 that could have a massive impact on what is coming.

The pursuit of the playoff continues on and continues to be a bit up in the air as some of the biggest programs remain out of the top four.

These teams are all one-loss teams that have been in the playoff before and for some, they belong in even with their one losses.

The other teams in the top four of most rankings are not necessarily the best teams but they have yet to lose on the season.

That can lead to some interesting things in the next few weeks but for Week 8 in the NCAA two games were the focus.

The first might not have the same effect as the other but further into the season, it could be the game that everyone looks to as a turning point.

That was the annual rivalry game between USC and Notre Dame, two teams sitting just outside the top 10 and looking to make their way to the playoff.

There was still time for both of them to get to the top four although it is far from guaranteed that either would make it at the end of the year.

Both are big programs with some big games coming up and it gives them a chance but they would both need some help to get there.

The biggest thing for them heading into Week 8 was the game right in front of them as both teams have taken a loss this season and a second was sure to eliminate them from contention.

A win would take them to the top 10 and keep their hopes alive as they could finish the season close to the top four.

It was going to be a big game for both teams as a loss could effectively end the season and force them to a smaller bowl putting both programs squarely in the crossfire of change.

Unfortunately for the Trojans, they didn’t show up for the game getting easily beaten by the ground attack of the Irish.

The loss will keep the Trojans out of the big bowls this year and they certainly have no chance of making the

For the win, the Fighting Irish moved into the top ten of the AP Rankings and could make their way to the top should they continue to win.

Of course, the AP rankings don’t mean much in the long run so this impressive is a message to the committee to put them in a favourable position.

They have a number of big games left and wins in all of them could put them within striking distance of the playoff but they will need to win every game.

As Notre Dame took their win and the momentum that it afforded them the Big Ten saw a big battle that truly will have an immediate impact on the rankings.

That was a game between the Michigan Wolverines and the Penn State Nitanny Lions in what could have had a big impact on both the conference and the CFP rankings.

Penn State has been having a great season moving up the rankings and into the top four of the AP rankings.

That has put them right into the running for a spot in the playoff and many think that they could get there even when the CFP Rankings come out.

That is especially true if they could win the Big Ten Championship this year and as the season winds down they are in for their toughest tests yet.

The first one came this week when they had to take on Michigan in one of the biggest games of the week.

Michigan has not had the best season but last year they did hand the Lions their biggest loss on the season.

If they could do it again they could upset everything in the rankings knocking Penn State out of their spot and making things even more difficult for the committee.

That wasn’t the case though as the Lions were able to get through one of their biggest tests of the season.

It was another easy win in a big game and for the Lions that was exactly what they needed to solidify their spot.

Both wins are big and the teams are ready to take that momentum into the rest of the season as the rankings are almost here.

Things are only going to get more important as games are getting bigger and every win becomes that much more important.


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