Taking a Shot in Gdansk

ufc-fn118It may not be a popular idea but the UFC has become a true business in sports and it is slightly different from the old days.

Like every other major league in North America, the UFC has taken over as the top promotion in the sport and has turned from a pure sport to a business with a lot of money on the line.

There is still a lot of evolution to go as the fighters are still not paid to the level of other professional athletes but it has turned into something different.

The UFC is making deals with major brands and major broadcast networks making them a true player in the business side of sports.

Unfortunately, there are few fighters who have realised this and very few that treat fighting like a business.

The fans might prefer it this way though as they like fighters that simply go out and fight and not do anything else but fight.

That attitude has led to great fights and great moments along with fighters that sell massive pay-per-views because the fans love them.

Things have started to shift though and a few fighters are making more money because they are treating everything like a business.

They make decisions that are best for them and not simply best for the UFC as more fighters are planning their way up the ladder.

It is all clearly led by Conor McGregor who might not be the best fighter on the roster but is undoubtedly the biggest fighter on the roster.

He is constantly a step ahead knowing exactly what he wants to do next even if he doesn’t let everyone else know.

He has, for the most part, strategically picked his fights and made the most money that any fighter has ever made in the UFC.

It has become a bit of a blueprint for some fighters but not everyone has been able to follow that blueprint as well as McGregor did.

One fighter looking to follow that blueprint and one that seems to be doing a good job of it has been Darren Till.

A young British fighter that was relatively unknown had begun to make some noise as much for his fighting skill as his ability to talk.

He was ready to take the biggest step of his career in Gdansk, Poland using that blueprint to take a step up and make everyone know who he was.

Till was set to take on Donald Cerrone in the main event of UFC Fight Night 118 in the biggest step up of his career.

He had been an undercard fighter for a couple of years and now was ready to take on the main event spot, albeit on a Fight Pass card.

Not only that but Till was going to take on a fan favourite and one of the best fighters in the UFC as Cerrone had fought the best of the best.

It was a step up in pressure and competition and for Till it was all according to plan but there was one detail that needed to be worked out.

To follow the path set by the Irishman, Till needed to get a win against Cerrone and do it impressively.

It wasn’t going to be enough to simply take a decision victory against Cerrone because the legend would never grow with a decision.

Instead, he had to finish one of the toughest fighters in the UFC and make a real statement that would have people talking.mma-sidebar.fw

Not a lot of people were going to be watching the fight on the UFC’s subscription service but an impressive win was sure to get people talking.

That is what he needed because building that legend of a finisher is essential to controlling your own destiny.

The big scene didn’t seem to effect Till as he came in with the same relaxed stance and same confidence he has had in every fight.

Cerrone came out a little cautious possibly hoping to take Till to the later rounds where he had never been before.

Till continued to add up the punches at the start of the fight and eventually landed a few solid shots putting Cerrone on the back foot.

He jumped at his chance and began landing bigger shots eventually forcing the referee to end the fight with a first-round TKO.

For some, the decision to fight Till was always a bad business decision for Cerrone and now it looked like those people were right.

He had little to win in this fight and although a loss doesn’t put him in any kind of danger of being cut or not getting good fights it is still a loss.

Instead, Till was able to take the big win in an impressive upset that is sure to move him up the rankings in the division.

He officially announced that he is here to compete with the best of them and with that big win it looks like he is going to be one of the biggest names coming through the rankings.



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