UFC Fight Night 118 Preview

ufc-fn118It is possibly the best fight that nobody is talking about as the promotion focuses on UFC 217 and a massive card in New York.

It has left many people not even close to focused on the fight coming up and it doesn’t help that there is a bit of an unknown attached to the fight.

Donald Cerrone is certainly not that unknown as he remains one of the bigger stars in the UFC and a fan favourite.

To get to that fan favourite he has taken every fight at every time and always seems to put on a show for everyone.

There are great parts to this as he consistently gets in front of the fans and is a regular to see on pay per view and on Fight Nights.

The attitude of taking every fight also helps with his reputation as a true fighter that is willing to fight anytime and anywhere.

That wins hearts over as fans like to see a fighter that is willing to take those risks and fight at the drop of a hat.

It isn’t necessarily the greatest thing for him as an athlete though as he often takes fights when he is not 100%.

As a result, he does take losses and those losses have prevented him from finding his way to the title despite having the talent.

He has fought some of the best in the UFC and has beaten some of the best but his strategy to take every fight leaves him without that path to a title.

He could lose at any moment because he isn’t taking the fights that make sense but rather just taking any fight the UFC gives to him.

Cerrone may never get a title in the UFC but he will continue to fight every fight as long as he can and will continue to take fights that might not make a lot of sense.

That might be what he is about to enter into at UFC Fight Night 118 when he takes on a bit of an unknown to many UFC fans.

Cerrone accepted a fight with Darren Till without knowing almost anything about the young up and coming fighter.

In an interview right after he accepted the fight, Cerrone said that he took the fight and didn’t know much about Till other than he has been on a good run lately.

For Cerrone, the homework started then and what he would have seen is a young confident fighter making his way through the welterweight division.

He might not be in the main cards or fighting the big name fighters but he is making an impression as an undercard fighter.mma-sidebar.fw

He has won four fights in his UFC career with one Fight of the Night bonus and a knockout win.

He has been impressive in his time and he is making sure that everyone is paying attention with some pretty electric post-fight interviews.

After an impressive win at UFC Fight Night 115, he claimed he was the best fighter in the UFC with confidence that is usually reserved for Conor McGregor.

That confidence has some saying that he could be another McGregor and this will be his biggest chance to get there.

He is making a big jump here as his last win came as the main preliminary fight and now he is headlining a card.

Not only is he headlining a fight card but he is taking on Cerrone who is not an easy out for anyone.

This is a chance for Till to make a big impression on the UFC as a win will ensure that he continues his path up the rankings.

An impressive win against an opponent like Cerrone though will make waves throughout the UFC.

Till will go from the guy that is fighting Cerrone to one of the fighters to watch in the UFC as a potential big name.

Getting that impressive win will be important for Till and the remainder of his career as his rise will need to keep the run going to continue talking his way into bigger fights.

This will be the first chance he gets to really make an impression and it will be against a fighter that the fans love.

People will be watching and with two fighters that are more than willing to stand and trade looking for the knockout, it could be a very entertaining fight.

Yet many are not talking about it, instead focusing on the next pay-per-view event which will be good but this one is not to be missed.


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