U Sports Football Report (Week 8)

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The weeks are running out with only two games left for most teams throughout the country and one left for teams in Ontario.

It is the time of year when the races for the playoffs start to come down to only a few teams as many are out of it altogether and the others are already in.

There are small battles in every conference that only got more interesting after Week 8 saw most of the spots around the country snapped up.

It leaves little else for teams to play for as the next couple of weeks are going to be essential for a few teams as a win and they can make it while a loss puts them out.

In the CanWest conference, there is only a single spot left for teams to make the playoffs after the Thunderbirds and Rams clinched their spots this week.

It leaves Saskatchewan controlling their destiny in the final two weeks of the season as wins in their next two games assure them of a spot while a win next week and a loss from Manitoba will also get them the spot.

In the OUA it is as tight as it has always been with one spot left after Ottawa and Guelph clinched their playoff appearances.

Waterloo will look to complete a great season and clinch the final spot but they will have to do it from the sidelines as their season is finished.

With a bye in the final week, they will watch Queen’s and Carleton and hope that both can lose to keep them in the final spot.

In Quebec, things are pretty stable with Montreal and Laval having their spots assured while Concordia will be looking to solidify one of the other two spots.

They are in control right now and another win could help them clinch the spot while McGill and Sherbrooke are fighting it out right until the end for the fourth and final spot this year.

The Atlantic is enjoying it’s expanded group but the playoffs have not expanded leaving only one spot available.

Acadia joined Saint Mary’s this week with both teams clinching and both will continue to try to earn the first round bye while the final spot is wide open.

With two games left Bishop’s hopes to find their way back although they will need two wins and StFX and Mount Allison look to put in their own claim to that spot.

The races are getting great but there are also some interesting developments at the end of the year with teams that were nowhere near the playoffs a year ago.

The Thunderbirds went from a Vanier Cup champion to the final team in the playoffs last year, and it didn’t end well for them.football-sidebar

Now they are right near the top and although they haven’t competed well against Calgary they are a team that is finding their way back to the top of the league.

Last season the Saint Mary’s Huskies were entirely out of the running when they finished last in the conference only managing two wins on the season.

That has completely turned around as they are now sitting right at the top with a chance to win another conference title and another Jewett Trophy.

The RSEQ might be the only conference not really finding that comeback mentality with Montreal and Laval both sitting on top and two teams that made the playoffs a year ago still in the running.

The biggest comeback story of the entire season though has been the Waterloo Warriors who have been a struggling franchise for the better part of this decade.

They have never been even close and that has caused them to continue to struggle throughout the seasons.

This year they came out strong rising right to the top of the conference and sitting among powerhouses like Western and McMaster.

The team has cooled down though and they are not looking great at the end of the year.

After rising right to the top, they dropped their final four games of the season keeping them at a 4-4 record just waiting to get back to the playoffs this year.

The top teams might be all too familiar in most of the conferences but there are teams finding their way back to the main stage.

Whether they can finish it off is going to be the big question with the playoffs only a few weeks away.

They will all be looking to play more football when November comes and they are hoping that their final weeks can get them there.

It makes these weeks a lot more entertaining as programs are focusing on getting back and making a real impact.


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