Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 16)

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The weeks are running out for teams to clinch and things are getting complicated as the season winds down.

The west remains the best division in the league and heading into Week 16 it was clear that they were about to take four playoff spots.

It meant that the crossover was going to happen and that the east was going to have only two spots left.

It also meant that the battle for the playoffs was going to get a lot more interesting with everyone in the east still available to clinch one of the two spots.

In the west, the fight for the playoffs was going to be interesting as well with two spots available to stay in the west and another to head to the eastern playoffs.

In the west, the Stamps were the only team that is able to sit back, although judging by how the season ended last year there was no rest for the top team in the league.

They are the team looking to march the entire way through the season trying to clinch the top spot in the league and make their run at the Grey Cup.wk16

The rest of the west has been entirely unpredictable as the start of the season looked pretty common but it quickly began to change.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders were supposed to be the team nowhere near the playoffs this year but a strong second half has pushed them closer to the top of the division.

Meanwhile, the BC Lions have struggled all year with consistency at quarterback despite the fact that they were expected to be on the rise this year.

The Edmonton Eskimos were expected to challenge the Stampeders for the top spot in the division but suffered a 6-fight losing streak dropping them near the bottom of the west.

The Blue Bombers have been up and down all year but are staying strong near the top as they have begun to find their way back.

It has things all mixed up in the west as nobody expected that Saskatchewan and Winnipeg were going to be fighting for the second spot in the division.

Nobody expected the BC and Edmonton to be fighting for the final spot let alone the crossover spot.

Yet heading into the week that is where the division stood with teams needing to win to keep their hopes alive.

The east was no different as nobody had clinched a spot in the playoffs yet and many of the games became much more important.

The Toronto Argonauts were holding all of the cards as a win for them meant a playoff appearance and a home playoff date.

Other eastern teams could lose and give the Argos their playoff spot while they could also get closer to elimination.

The Montreal Alouettes need a win just to stay alive in the hunt for a playoff spot while the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Ottawa REDBLACKS were looking to fight it out for second place and the only other spot in the division.

Things took a turn throughout the week though as the east had been struggling the entire season and a few teams came back at the right time.

Hamilton began the week with a surprise win against the Blue Bombers that affected both races in a big way.

The Bombers remained at the top but lost their chance of clinching with the loss meanwhile the Ti-Cats kept their hopes alive with a big win.

Then the Argonauts took their shot at clinching a playoff spot but couldn’t get by the Roughriders.

The win for Saskatchewan continued their rise and reduced the lead held by the Blue Bombers for the second spot and a home playoff date.

The Argonauts took the loss and kept the east wide open for anyone else to try to take over.

Ottawa took the next win and kept their hopes of winning the division while hurting the hopes of the BC Lions.

football-sidebarThe Lions took the loss and stayed in the basement not making up any ground on the Eskimos for the crossover spot.

The week could have ended with things a lot more figured out as there was a chance for Toronto and Winnipeg to clinch spots.

Neither could though and it sets up an interesting finish for the rest of the season as there could be some struggles.

In the east the Argonauts have dates with only the western teams and the west has been dominant against the east.

The Argos need one win against one of these teams if they want to clinch a playoff spot but that has been difficult.

Meanwhile, Hamilton and Ottawa will mainly be facing the east making things a little easier for them to rise up and take the top spot.

In the west, the Eskimos could surge back to easily take a spot but will have to overcome a Saskatchewan team that is playing better every week.

The Lions will need to take some wins or risk being eliminated altogether while the Blue Bombers need to figure things out to solidify their spot.

Everything is up in the air at this point and that is going to make the end of the season that much better.

Teams will be scrambling with everyone needing a win in what looks like a season that won’t be decided until the final week.


Fourth Down

Glenn Remains in Place

The Roughriders were struggling in the first half of their game against the Argonauts and a big reason was Kevin Glenn. He was removed from the game and Brandon Bridge took over under centre. It proved to be the thing they needed as Bridge led the comeback and took the win for the Riders. That led to plenty of rumours that Bridge might be taking over but according to Chris Jones Glenn will remain the starter. That could last all season or another week as any more bad games from Glenn could mean a change but for now, things stay the same.

Collaros on the Move?

In Hamilton, changes have been a massive boost as a new coach has taken over and turned things around. One of the big moves he made was to bench Zach Collaros and bring in Jeremiah Masoli to lead the team. It has turned out great for the Ti-Cats as Masoli has put together some impressive games leading the Ti-Cats from a team sure to miss the playoffs to a team marching right to a playoff spot. The move has also led to rumours that the Ti-Cats could be willing to move Collaros before the trade deadline on October 11 with a few teams looking like great spots for him to land.

The Drive for Five

This season could be a historic one for offence as there are a number of quarterbacks pursuing a pretty significant record. Passing for 5,000 yards is far from unheard of in the league as the top passing years on record are far above 5,000 yards. The amount of quarterbacks that are headed towards that mark is unprecedented this year though as there are five quarterbacks who have a legitimate shot at cracking the mark. Last year Bo Levi Mitchell, Mike Reilly and Jonathan Jennings passed the mark. This year both Mitchell and Reilly could surpass the mark again while Ricky Ray, Trevor Harris and Matt Nichols all have a chance at getting there too in what could be an amazing year for quarterbacks.

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