U Sports Football Report (Week 7)

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The U Sports season is quickly coming to a close as the final month of the season is underway and there are only a few more weeks for teams to make their run towards the playoff.

In the CanWest Conference, the past week resulted in no change as the conference took the week off.

Nobody has clinched their spot in the playoffs this year though as the Calgary Dinos are sitting on top once again.

It will likely take them one more win to clinch their spot in the playoffs this year with three more games left.

With another win, they might be able to clinch the top spot and take another run at the CanWest title.

The battle below them is a little tighter as the UBC Thunderbirds and Regina Rams are sitting tied for second with Saskatchewan only one win away from both of them.

They will go through the final few weeks of their season trying to get the wins they need but they aren’t likely only a win away.

They will need to get more than that and with games against each other, there is a lot of room for movement.

Even the teams near the bottom have a chance if they can get wins against the right teams in the final three weeks of the season.

In Quebec, things are looking very familiar as the top two teams over the last few years remain at the top.

It wasn’t entirely unexpected as the RSEQ will once again see Montreal and Laval in the playoffs.

Both have already clinched their spot in the playoffs and they will look fight the rest of the way to earn the top spot in the conference.

The interesting battle is right below them as there are only two spots left in the playoffs for three teams.

Concordia is doing well to keep their hold on the third spot but they are not too far away from McGill and Sherbrooke.

In the next three weeks, anything could happen and any combination of those three teams could find their way to the playoffs.

In the east coast, things are also extremely tight as only one team has taken a spot in the playoffs.

The Saint Mary’s Huskies are sitting on top and have taken their spot but things are a lot more confusing in the other spots.

Things have been moving up and down the entire season and nobody has really taken control.football-sidebar

Acadia is looking like the best bet as they have come close to the Huskies and could be next to clinch.

With three games left for most teams, there is still time for many to find their way into one of the three spots remaining.

Anyone could take a couple important wins and find their way to the playoffs as the final few weeks are going to be interesting.

In the biggest conferences, there is certainly a great battle as well with three spots being taken by some good teams.

Western is once again on top looking to clinch another conference title while last year’s first-place finishers are back in the playoffs joined by the McMaster Marauders.

With three spots left there are a few teams trying to find their way to the playoffs.

The Waterloo Warriors are beginning to stumble after a great start while Queen’s is beginning to make a run.

Carleton remains just outside fighting with Guelph to find a spot while the Gee Gees are trying to remain at the top.

In the OUA there are only two weeks left though and these battles are going to get very intense as the season moves on with more teams clinching very soon.

There are only a few weeks left for every conference and those weeks are going to be fun to watch.

Not a lot has been solved yet making the run to the playoffs much more entertaining.

It will be a good run to the playoffs as November is in the near future and playoff football is not far away.


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