NCAA Football Report (Week 6)

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The week in the NCAA looked like it was going to be an easy one for a lot of teams as only one game featured two ranked teams.

It has been like that for years as this time of the year in the NCAA tends to be the time when the biggest teams take some pretty easy routes.

Many of the top teams in the league have taken easier games throughout their open weeks because they are often looking to tough conference schedules.

They take games against teams that are clearly not in the same league and get what should be an easy win.

That easy win adds to their total and helps them remain in the top of the rankings as they head towards the far tougher teams.

This past week was one of those weeks with most of the top teams seeing games that they would have easily won.

It was not going to be a very special week as there aren’t going to be many games that shaped the future of the season.

There were signs of that not being the case though as the first game of the week saw the #17 Louisville Cardinals lose to the #24 NC State Wolfpack.

It wasn’t an earth-shattering upset that was going to change the face of the rankings but the Cardinals did have a Heisman winner and were looking to make one last climb to the playoff.

The loss ended any hopes of that while the Wolfpack proved that they can compete with top teams in the country.

It got more competitive as the week went on with teams that should have walked away with a win dropping out.

After struggling all season the LSU Tigers finally got a win at the expense of the Florida Gators who dropped out of the rankings after losing to an unranked team.

Just as they were rising the Utah Utes took a step back after losing to an unranked Stanford team that will likely see them with the same results of the Gators.

Neither of those upsets will have a big impact on the rankings or the playoff though as they were mainly upsets at the bottom of the rankings.

That didn’t exclude some of the top teams from being upset though and the first big program to go down was Michigan.

They were one of the few teams who actually had a major challenge this week taking on their rivals in Michigan State.

Rivalry games are never easy no matter who is playing and how well the team does at the time when the two teams play.

The Spartans have ruled the rivalry over the last few years but Michigan was making a serious run at the playoff this

They were ranked at #7 heading into the week but they couldn’t get by their in-state rivals putting a halt to their run at the playoff.

The Wolverines are going to find it very tough to get a spot in the top four no matter what they do the rest of the way.

It isn’t impossible for them to get there but it is surely not going to be easy after losing to an unranked team.

They fell to #17 after the loss and the climb back to the top is going to be near impossible now.

The biggest upset came when a playoff team took a shocking loss to an unranked team that was supposed to be an easy day.

The Oklahoma Sooner were single-handily bring back the Big 12 and moving their way into a sure playoff spot.

They couldn’t get past the Iowa State Hawkeyes who beat the #3 team in the country and sent some shockwaves through the country.

With the third team in the nation taking their first loss they dropped to the #12 spot in the rankings.

It isn’t impossible for them to find their way back to the top four especially if they can win the Big 12 title.

Still, it makes things more difficult for them to find their way back and they are going to have to get through a lot to get back.

The loss for Oklahoma was again for Georgia though as the Bulldogs found their way into the playoff giving two SEC teams into the top four.

It wasn’t a week that changed everything but it was a week that came out of nowhere because it was supposed to be an easy one.

A lot of teams had difficulty though and things did not go according to plan for some teams making it a surprising week for many.


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