Wednesday Morning QB (Week 4)

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It is around this time every year when some NFL teams have a question to answer as they look to try to figure things out before their bad starts get too bad to come back from.

Every team struggling is looking to find somewhat out of their slide and for many of them they look at the most important position to try to figure out their problems.

Four weeks into the season the teams that are struggling begin looking to the bench and seeing if they have a quarterback that can change things up.

Some teams will try to make the change and start a new quarterback in hopes of sparking something in the team.

Others simply have no real choice in the matter and have to stick with their starter for the rest of the season.

There are some teams that have a little bit of a different decision though as every year a host of new young quarterbacks are drafted into the league.

These quarterbacks are often considered the future of their teams as they will potentially take over at some time.

There are a lot of theories about young quarterbacks and how to best approach their development though.

Some believe that they should sit and develop in their first few years like Aaron Rodgers did under Brett Favre.

Others believe that teams should throw them right in to learn on the job like Matt Ryan because not starting them is essentially giving up on the season.

Those theories tend to play out at their most a couple of times per season as the debate rages in training camp when teams with these young quarterbacks make their decision on their starter.

They can also get pretty heated near the end of the season when the season is gone and fans want to see what their future looks like.

At this point in the season, there is also another debate as many teams begin looking into a potential change to turn things around.

It is about time for teams to make their move or find themselves out of the playoff race before the playoff race even begins.

Teams with these young quarterbacks have to debate whether or not they want to throw the future of their team into the fire this early.

It is a bit of desperation move and it can be dangerous for the development of that quarterback.

When they come in only a few weeks into the season the message is clear, they are coming in to turn things around for the team.

That puts a massive amount of pressure on a quarterback likely just trying to find their footing in the

That is a big responsibility but every now and then a quarterback can do and they immediately become stars.

More often than not though a quarterback thrown into the fold this early in the season struggles and isn’t the saviour that a team hopes they are.

This season the Chicago Bears will be the latest team to try to find a saviour in a young quarterback.

After going 1-3 in the first four weeks with an offence that ranks 23rd in the league patience has run out in the Windy City.

Although they signed Mike Glennon to be the stop-gap for the season they will sit the QB to bring in their future.

Mitchell Trubisky was one of the biggest stories of the draft this past year when the Bears moved up to take him as the first quarterback in the draft.

It was a bit of a shock as Deshaun Watson looked like a great choice, and is proving that he has the potential to be great, but the Bears went with Trubisky.

He didn’t take the starting role in training camp but the bears may never have really given him a shot to win that role.

Now beginning in Week 5 the Bears will be looking to Trubisky to lead them as he gets his first NFL start.

The Bears clearly believe that they still have a good shot at the playoffs and they are hoping that Trubisky is the answer.

He remains a bit of a mystery but things will be figured out soon as he will either be the difference for the team or will fail to impress in his first year.

What will be more concerning for the Bears is whether or not it hurts his development in the future.

Rushing him in could turn out well as he will learn on the run but it could also ruin his confidence and stall his development early on.


Fifth Quarter

Backup Plan in Oakland

It is becoming an annual event for the Oakland Raiders as Derek Carr was seen lying down on the field during their Week 4 game. For the second year in a row, Carr had been hurt and was forced out of the game leaving fans to wonder how their chances might look without him. The Raiders have a better backup plan than they did when he went down last year as EJ Manuel took over. He will remain the starter for a while as Carr will reportedly be out 2-6 weeks with a fracture in his back.

Devastation in Minnesota

The Minnesota Vikings were built on a great running game that had one of the best running backs in the game as their workhorse. They moved on from Adrian Peterson this season letting him walk and taking his replacement in the draft. Dalvin Cook was proving to be a great replacement for Peterson putting up some big numbers and acting as another version of Peterson. This week though things came to a halt as Cook severed his ACL ending his season and leaving the Vikings without that star runner.

Brown Melts Down

Antonio Brown is widely considered one of the top receivers in the NFL and like a lot of great receivers, he is a competitive person. Also like many of the best receivers he can be a bit of a diva if he doesn’t get the catches that he believes he deserves while he is also never really covered, at least according to himself. This week that diva aspect of Brown came out when he was not thrown to on a play when he was truly wide open. He got upset on the sidelines and threw a Gatorade tub in a display that wasn’t helping anyone.

Trevathon Suspended

Thursday Night Football didn’t go well for the Chicago Bears as they struggled the entire game against their rivals in Green Bay. Like always the game got a little chippy but then Bears linebacker took it a bit too far. On a play later in the game Davante Adams was stopped well short of the goal line and was on his way down. Then Danny Trevathan came in at full speed and hit Adams directly in the head knocking the receiver out of the game. Trevathan initially got a two-game suspension but it was reduced to one after an appeal in a questionable suspension.

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