Wednesday Morning QB (Week 3)

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There was really only one story this week in the NFL and it had very little to do with the sport of football.

Many wished that Week 3 would just be about football but things took a very different turn during the week.

That is when the President of the United States held a rally and asked his supporters if they would like to see NFL players fired for protesting during the anthem.

It was a question that was well received by his supporters but it was not nearly as well received by the members of the National Football League.

It all started last season when Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem.

When asked about the action after the game Kaepernick stated that he didn’t believe that the rights that the flag stands for and that are in the words of the anthem were extended to everyone.

For Kaepernick, the treatment of African Americans throughout the USA had gotten to a point where something needed to be done.

At the very heart of this protest was what every protest was about as in the end if a conversation started about racism in America than something had been accomplished.

Kaepernick’s protest remained a big story throughout the year and a few players joined in either taking a knee, locking arms or raising a fist.

It was a way for players in the NFL to get the word out that something wasn’t right in the USA and over the last year things have seemed to come to light that have proven that something isn’t right in the USA.

The conversation was started by many of the NFL players and in some cases may have forced people to have uncomfortable conversations about uncomfortable topics.

That story only continued in the offseason when Kaepernick was released from the San Francisco 49ers, a request he made that was granted, and then could not find another job.

Throughout the off-season, it became an even bigger story when quarterbacks went down and Kaepernick remained out of a job.

It is widely believed that he is still a good quarterback and deserves to have a job somewhere in the NFL even if it isn’t a starter.

He remains on the sideline though while other quarterbacks who were brought out of retirement or staved off retirement to remain in the league.

It seems clear that regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with his protest people don’t want to deal with the distraction that he provides and some take it further believing that he has been blackballed for voicing his opinion.

That story continued into the season with more players protesting during the anthem but despite the protests, the league was getting back to football.

Then President Trump made his statement and the debate regarding the protests fired up in a massive way.

The majority of athletes from all sports, the President also went after Steph Curry for stating that he will not go to the White House for winning the NBA Championship, started speaking

Some took offence to the fact that the President referred to the players as “Son of Bitches” while others simply took offence to the fact that the President was seemingly telling NFL owners ho to run their business.

The league is one with plenty of people from different backgrounds with different beliefs but when someone from the outside tries to tell them what to do things usually change.

The NFL saw more protests in Week 3 than in any other week since Kaepernick began his protest last year.

Full teams including training staffs and owners joined protests in many different forms with some kneeling together and others linking arms.

Some teams just decided to avoid the conversation altogether in order not to single any players out deciding not to come out for the national anthems altogether.

The Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals made a statement on Monday when the Cowboys kneeled before the anthem and the Cardinals locked arms during the national anthem.

The protests only seem to be heating up throughout the NFL and the opinion from the fans seems to be pretty split.

Regardless of the beliefs of the fans or the players the fact is that the NFL is taking a position they have rarely been in before.

Other sports have been in this limelight before with Jackie Robinson breaking the colour barrier in baseball and Muhammad Ali standing up for African American rights in the 1960s while he was the biggest athlete in North America.

There has been a long history of athletes making political statements but the NFL has rarely been a big part of that story.

They tend to stay out of the limelight for the wrong reason and that has allowed them to become as big as they have become.

They can’t turn back now though as they are leading a new era of athletes being socially active and with the President’s continued comments things might just be starting.


Fifth Quarter

The Worst Two-for-One

The Philadelphia Eagles got a big win in Week 3 thanks to a big last-second field goal but the news wasn’t all good. The Eagles saw their starting running back go down and it was clearly not going to be good from the start. On the same play, Darren Sproles went down after tearing his ACL and then during the fall broke his forearm. One injury is bad enough but both on the same play have obviously ended his season and put his future in question.

Goodell Remaining at the Helm

Roger Goodell has been the centre of a lot of controversy over the past few years but he has continued to make the NFL the most profitable league in North America. As much as the players or the NFLPA might not like him they are not who he is responsible for and because profits have increased he is on the verge of a contract extension. Jerry Jones had reportedly held the extension up but it seems to be heading forward making him the Commissioner until 2024.

Not a Good Day for Detroit

Detroit entered week three as one of the few undefeated teams in the league and they were riding high at the top of the NFC North. They couldn’t get by the streaking Falcons though and they suffered their first loss of the season. Things got worse for the team from there when a fire broke out in the food container holding the food for the team. Their post-game meals were gone adding to the sting of the close loss.


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