Wednesday Morning QB (Week 2)

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The attitude in Oakland is decidedly different these days as there is a sense of hope and a little bit of disappointment.

The hope comes because the Raiders have been so bad for so long but are finally a team that has promise of making the playoffs and playing meaningful football.

The disappointment comes when Oakland fans realize that they only have a few more seasons left to enjoy this new team before the Raiders head to Las Vegas.

There is certainly mixed emotions in a place that is widely known for having some of the best fans in the league.

For the fans, it is a tough spot to be in but that tough spot has also led to one of the best things that Oakland has seen for years.

Not only is their team going to go out as a competitive team but their team will also enjoy the services of a local boy who might just be making things more fun than ever before.

Marshawn Lynch has always been one of the biggest personalities in the NFL and that is largely due to is utter disinterest in the spotlight.

Lynch has always just loved playing the game and being himself rather than having to go out and answer questions that don’t matter with answers that say nothing.

Throughout his time in the league, he was famous for his lack of answers repeatedly attending press conferences and saying the same answer to every question.

The fines rolled in for his behaviour and he still wouldn’t care about being the man that everyone wanted to talk to after a big performance.

That disinterest seemed to weigh on him and eventually, he left the game to avoid the politics and everything that comes with being a pro athlete aside from playing the game.

He changed his mind when he heard that his hometown team was getting ready to move and leave Oakland without football.

Lynch decided to return to the game but only for the Raiders as he hoped to help the Raiders go out on top and give his fellow Oakland natives something to cheer about.

So far Lynch has not necessarily been the back he once was but he is a back that has helped the Raiders in their offence.

Every now and then he will break out a “Beast Mode” run and turn back the clock and he gains yards regularly proving he still has gas in the tank.

More importantly for the team though is Lynch’s attitude as he is clearly having the best time of his life playing professional football.

It couldn’t have been expressed any more than this past week when he made his home debut for the Raiders.

That is when the cameras caught him dancing on the sidelines all by himself and having the time of his life.

The fans loved it as he was shown dancing on the jumbotron and everyone got a glimpse of what a happy Lynch can mean to the team.

He keeps things light and makes sure everyone realizes that this is truly just a game that nobody should take it that

Some might see his dancing as not taking the game seriously enough and as a distraction especially in a league known as the “No Fun League.”

That was not the attitude of the Raiders though as head coach Jack Del Rio addressed the dancing in his post-game press conference.

There he joked around with the media that he was about to join in but thought it might be best to avoid dancing.

That type of attitude is a sign of the times in the NFL as coaches need to have that type of leniency when it comes to their players.

On a number of other teams in the league, Lynch would have been reprimanded for his actions on the sidelines in the interest of the team being bigger than a player.

The current generation of players tends to avoid that as they would prefer to be allowed to be themselves at all times.

It can be a big thing for players too as many players are better when they are allowed to be themselves.

Lynch is one of those players as he has that ability to be a great back if he is allowed to be himself.

Leave Lynch to playing football and not answering questions and he is happy which means he is a better back.

That is the majority of the league right now as some players need to be laser-focused and others need to be loose.

Thinking that every player has to fit into one way of thinking is a big mistake for teams because no player is created equally.

Lynch is one of the more unique ones and for the Raiders he is an important part of the team and letting him dance on the sidelines makes him better.

Everyone can take a lesson from the Raiders and some can take a lesson from Lynch about not taking things too seriously and having fun.


Fifth Quarter

Right Under the Bus

The New York Giants looked like a team to beat at the start of the season as they signed new offensive weapons to add to a very good defence. It hasn’t worked out for them right now though as they have started the season 0-2 with struggles on offence. That included this Monday when they couldn’t manage much on offence partially due to the 5 sacks allowed. Head coach Ben McAdoo had another answer though as he was disappointed at the playoff Eli Manning and he made sure he told everyone throwing Manning under the bus in the post-fight press conference.

Strange Days in Miami

The Miami Dolphins have already suffered some big setbacks after their starting quarterback was injured in the preseason and then their season opener was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. Things got a little strange for the team this week when Lawrence Timmons went missing before their opening game leading the team to file a missing person report. Timmons had reportedly wanted to go back home to his baby and the baby’s mother. His disappearing act led to a suspension as Timmons will be off of the field indefinitely for the strange act.

Zeke on the Bad Side

Ezekiel Elliott was the star of the Cowboys in 2016 as the rookie brought excitement back to the Lonestar state with a great year. Things have begun to shift on him though after he was suspended before the season for a domestic violence case last year. He is currently fighting the suspension, suing the NFL over his suspension leaving him free to play until the courts make their decision. This week though things got worse after he was accused of quitting on his team thanks to a lacklustre performance including a few lazy attempts at blocking.

Leading the Pack

  The tight end position has evolved over the years and every few years it seems like another tight end is breaking records. Tony Gonzalez brought the position to new heights in the passing game as a true threat through the air as the leading receiving tight end in the league. Antonio Gates change the game again bringing a bigger body and ability to catch and now that second evolution stands on top. Gates passed Gonzalez this week as the all-time leading receiving tight end in NFL history with a full season left to increase the lead.

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