U Sports Football Report (Week 2)

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With college football now underway both north and south of the border the task at hand has already come into focus.

Every team in U Sports is looking to take that run at the Vanier Cup and as the weeks move on only a few will be able to actually get the chance to play for the title.

That has been the goal for every team since the start of University football as they all want to get to that title.

That can help the program get better and help in recruiting better players which ultimately continues to make them a bigger program.

Although the programs are all focused on the Vanier Cup and the players are all looking for that title there are a few players looking for something a little more.

The goal for many players that are currently a part of the U Sports world is to make a living playing the sport they love.

Almost everyone playing wants to eventually get to that point but many quickly learn that they won’t be able to accomplish that goal.

Then there are the select few that get their chance and use a great U Sports career to launch themselves into a professional career, usually in the CFL.

For many that makes the time in between Week 1 and Week 2 in the season one of the most interesting in the season.

That is because the Scouting Bureau releases their first rankings for Canadian players eligible to be drafted to the CFL in 2018.

That list includes the best players from both U Sports and the NCAA and it is almost a bible for the scouts in the CFL.

Although the league will always choose who they believe is the best available or the best player that fills a need the rankings are a bit of a guide that shows the players that could turn out to be the best players in the game.

Most of the CFL teams already know these names but for many, it is a chance to look into the next group of players in the league.

The interesting part about this list is that every year there seems to be more players on NCAA rosters that turn out to be some of the best young Canadians.

More than ever players are moving their way down to the NCAA as NCAA schools are more willing to look to Canada to find talent.

It doesn’t mean that U Sports still doesn’t have its share of great players as the U Sports representatives have filled out plenty of the rankings this year.

U Sports players are also in a unique position because many are more likely to play in the CFL while NCAA players tend to be more in between the NFL and the CFL.

When CFL teams take a look at the top players in the game they have to consider whether or not that player will play for their team or head to the NFL.football-sidebar

Teams are more likely to take a U Sports player that has limited interest from the NFL earlier in the draft because they can get more use out of that player.

U Sports players tend to be in that category and so being the top U Sports player in the rankings is an important thing.

That distinction is held by Godfrey Onyeka from Laurier as the Brampton native is the top U Sports athlete on the September rankings.

The defensive lineman has been pegged as a top pick for a while now after being named an All-Star rookie for the OUA in 2014 then earning two straight First Team All-Canadian honours in 2015 and 2016.

Now he takes that top spot behind three NCAA lineman and has immediately become the player to watch in university football.

In terms of those skilled offensive players, the top ranked player is following in the footsteps of Antony Auclair.

Tyrone Pierre is the top skilled player in the rankings as the Laval receiver hopes to make good on being the most desirable skilled player in the draft.

The September rankings are bound to change at some point as players either fall or rise based on their performance this year.

It is only Week 2 and there is plenty of time for a player to falter, especially now that the pressure is on for many who are ranked.

There is also plenty of time for a player to rise and prove that he belongs among the top 20 Canadians available for the draft.

The rankings can act as a motivation tool for many but also a burden for some as those left off feel that they now have something to prove to the world.

There is a lot of season left and those that think that they have something to prove have to start doing it now to get the attention of the scouts that will begin to focus on specific names as the professional season enters its second half.


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