NCAA Football Report (Week 1)

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Rarely is it that one week can sink a team in any sports league as the first week of any league is meant for teams to make mistakes.

They can always come back and build themselves up again through the rest of the season as there is a lot of time left for teams.

The NCAA is a little different though as one week can mean the difference between a team making the playoff and being relegated to a smaller bowl at the end of the year.

With the rankings the way they are one loss and easily end a team’s hope of making the top four especially those teams that aren’t necessarily the best teams in the country.

The top teams in the league are usually playing a lot more of the top teams and a loss against one of the best can be overcome by winning the rest of the way.

The first-week losses come pretty often now as a lot of the top teams schedule some big games in the first week of the season.

The disadvantage of that is that they are some of the toughest games of the season and that a good team can start a season with a loss pretty easily.

The advantage of it though is that the best teams need these big wins to get into the playoff as those big wins can mean a lot towards the committee ranking at the end of the year.

Teams will take the good with the bad in these big games and if they take a loss many won’t suffer too much because they have time to recover and a loss against a top team doesn’t do a lot of damage.

This first week meant a lot of great teams took losses and now have to find out a way to get back into the hunt quickly.

Some teams took losses that they shouldn’t have taken while other good teams struggled before coming out on top.

There was one team that took a devastating loss though and it was less about the score on the scoreboard.

The opening day for many of the major programs culminated in a massive matchup between Alabama and Florida State.

It would match the #1 team in Alabama against the #3 team in Florida State that would have been a statement win for one of the two teams.

The losing team would not take a massive hit either though as losing to a top four team was never going to be enough to take them out of the running.

They may briefly drop out of the top four but a few wins later and they would have been back in the running like nothing had happened.

So as the Seminoles began to fall behind the worry for many fans was not nearly as big as if they were losing to an unranked team,

The ‘Noles were going up against one of the best programs in the country and the top ranked team in the country.

They were supposed to lose as they were ranked #3 in the country making them the worse team in the match-up.

A loss was going to drop them down but not completely out as they had other big games to help them get

Then came the real heartbreaker for the team as late in the fourth quarter the Seminoles saw their starting quarterback go down.

As everyone knows by now the quarterback is the most important part of any team especially in the NCAA where air raid offences are the norm.

The Seminoles might be more of a balanced team than most but they still need a great quarterback to lead them if they want back into the playoff.

Deondre Francois was going to be the guy that led this team and he had a lot of promise attached to him.

Even after a good performance against Alabama, he may have been a sleeper for the Heisman Trophy if he could put up some great numbers.

Then he went down and immediately the hopes of a playoff appearance began to look a little less likely.

The day after the game it was revealed that Francois would not be returning for the rest of the year after tearing his PCL on the play.

That is a big shot for the Seminoles as they go from being a playoff favourite to a team without a proven quarterback.

Now James Blackman looks like the one in charge of their offence and the true freshman has a big learning curve.

The Seminoles were looking to him as the future but were also hoping he had some time to develop under Francois before he had to take over.

His time is now and if he can take over the Seminoles could be right in the hunt but if he falters the hopes for Florida State might have ended in Week 1 of the season.


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