U Sports Football Report (Week 1)

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Week 1 in the U Sports season was a time to make a statement that this is the season that they will be a contender.

The first week turned out to be that statement for a number of teams as they came out swinging and announcing that they were ready to compete this year.

It is not the most important week every year but it is a week that can be important to get right in a season that doesn’t last that long.

Nobody is going to win a championship in the first week but teams can certainly lose a championship in the first week.

Most of that has to do with the fact that teams can have an impressive first week but fall off as the season wears on.

On the other side, a team can be on the wrong side of a blowout and lose any momentum they had gained over the last few weeks.

They can lose their confidence and once they lose that confidence it can be really tough to get it back and make a real run at the top of the standings.

It can be an important week for the future of the season and this year teams came out knowing that.

It all started on the second day with some big wins by one team that was expected to come out big and another that might not have been the most predictable.

The Laval Rouge et Or were at it again as they came out to another easy win in their first season showing everyone that they are the same team they have been for years.

It wasn’t entirely surprising as the Rouge et Or were taking on Sherbrooke who have not been very competitive over the last few years.

With a 40-3 win over Sherbrooke, Laval was ready to announce to everyone that they were here to take over the league once again.

The rest of the country is now on notice as it became clear that there is nothing changing in Quebec City and that they will need to be beat if someone wants the Vanier Cup.

The Rouge et Or were expected to be great again though so it isn’t that surprising regarding their big win.

A little more shocking of a win might be in the east coast where the Mount Allison Mounties made a big statement in their opening game.

The Mounties have been one of the better teams in the AUS for the last few years but after dropping the championship in the last two years they are now looking to get back to the top.

They showed everyone that they are ready to do just that as the usually competitive AUS gave way to a blow out in the first week.

The Mounties took a 64-23 win over the Acadia Axemen in their opener as they showed that they are ready for the season.

The win was a big one and it could be a sign of the future for the team as they are far above the Axemen and if they can continue that pattern they could be a contender not only in the AUS but the national playoffs.

These weren’t the only teams to make statements in their first week though as the final day of the week saw some very one-sided scores.

The Western Mustangs, like the Laval Rouge et Or had done the day before, showed that their dominant run in the OUA is far from over.football-sidebar

They took out the York Lions with an easy 66-3 win establishing that they are still the team to beat in Ontario.

The more surprising win of the entire first week though was that of Waterloo who easily got by Windsor in their first game.

The Warriors have been struggling over the past few years as they have had issues recovering from a steroid scandal that shut down their program for a full year.

Since that time they have been on the bottom of the standings and there were no signs of them returning.

The first game of the new season may have just been that first sign as they dismantled the Windsor Lancers.

The 54-33 win was an impressive one for the Warriors and one that they desperately needed if they wanted to start finding their way back.

It wasn’t against a top team in the conference but the fact that they didn’t leave it as close as they might have in the past is a sign of improvement.

What they do with the rest of the season is up to them but if they can continue their progress it could mean better days are ahead of them.

The season is officially underway for U Sports and a few teams have made their early statements but now it is up to all of them to continue that pattern.

If these teams can continue their dominant play or just continue winning things could be interesting as the season moves on.

Meanwhile, the teams struggling to get off to a good start have some making up to do if they want to get some momentum in the next few months as they can’t let the losses define their season this early.


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