MLB Week in Review (August 4-10)

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It is August which means the Dog Days of Summer are here which can be some of the toughest times in any baseball player’s season.

The MLB season can be a grind as teams play almost every single day for six full months making it one of the longest seasons in major sports.

There are 162 games in the MLB season and although it is not the most physically demanding sport in the world that grind can be a tough one.

That game total can make any player playing and sport feel it when the season moves on into the final few months.

The travel that exists with teams heading in and out of their home city constantly is enough to grind a player down.

Then there is the fact that it still is a sport that takes a toll on the body and to do that for over 100 games in a single year is a tough thing to do.

Aches and pains of a season can weigh on a player and make things even tougher when it comes to trying to get through the season.

When August hits players have already been through a long season and without the push of the postseason run truly hitting it can be a strange time.

Players can find it hard to get that motivation that is required to keep things going as the postseason run approaches.

Teams can suffer at this time and find it very tough to work their way out of the hole come September.

It has happened multiple times and sometimes can lead to big collapses that keep a team out of the postseason at the end of the season.

Every player can have their struggles at this time of year but there is one type of player that tends to suffer more than most.

Rookies have a harder time than most at this point in the year as they have never really experienced this type of grind.

The minor leagues are full of teams but most of the leagues do not match up with the exact same season as the MLB.

Some are only half of the season while others are about a month shorter than the MLB making a pretty big difference.

For many of them, the season would have only last five months making this what would usually be the final push to the postseason.

It can be a tough adjustment and the rookies definitely feel it as they head into the dog days of summer.

Of course, some rookies can have a bad end to their year and it doesn’t matter nearly as much as they are not supposed to be the players that drove the team.

Not every rookie can hide in anonymity though and for some, this time of year becomes a very tough

That is what Aaron Judge is going through right now as the super rookie was a lock for the AL Rookie of the year.

The 6’7” first-year player was quickly becoming one of the most feared batters in the league with his monster home runs.

He was on a ridiculous pace towards history as he could have been the greatest rookie in the history of the league.

He was leading the charge of the new power revolution in the league and as a young star was helping the Yankees to a great resurgent season.

Lately, though the power has gone away and Judge has really slowed down as he entered August.

For some, it is a reason for concern but the reality is that the rookie that was about to be one of the greatest ever is simply coming down to earth.

There is a reason why the pace he set at the start of the season was so unbelievable because it had never been seen before.

It is tough to keep that pace going for the entire season and as he enters a point where most rookies breakdown he is just following suit.

This is a rough time of the year for every player and rookies are feeling it even more so, of course, someone setting an unbelievable pace it is going to be hard to keep it up.

Judge is just going through the usual issues that rookies do at this time of year and he will be fine.

For the Yankees and their fans, they are hoping that he can get out of the slump as the postseason race begins to help them back to the postseason.


Extra Innings

Player’s Weekend

The MLB announced a few months ago that they would be launching a new theme weekend in the league called Player’s Weekend. The weekend will feature special uniforms and a relaxed uniform policy that will allow players to put their nicknames on the backs of their jerseys. This week the MLB revealed those new jerseys and the nicknames that will be on them launching plenty of great jerseys and creating a reaction that makes it seem like this will be a regular weekend on the MLB calendar.

Joe West Suspended

The umpires often get some of the most criticism in the league for their missed calls. Some of the biggest criticism comes because there is often little accountability for their missed calls or their actions on the field. That changed this week when the longest serving and most decorated umpire in the league, Joe West was suspended after making comments about Adrian Beltre and calling him the biggest whiner in the league.

Social Media Issues

The era of social media has been a bit of a dangerous era with everyone able to see everything that someone posts. It has been going for a while though and the adjustments by many have been made knowing what they can and can’t post. That doesn’t stop people from getting in trouble including an amateur softball team that was kicked out of a tournament after posting a Snapchat story that the tournament did not approve of.

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