Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 7)

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The CFL has come under fire in recent years from the fans who believe that the game has become too slow.

They believe that the entertainment factor for the sport that they love is leaving because the games are just taking too long to complete.

For many, the issue is the review system that the CFL has as they have increased the reviewable plays giving coaches more chances to stop the game and challenge a play.

A lot of the issues that people saw began when the league included pass interference as a reviewable call.

That is when reviews became more prevalent as coaches began throwing their challenge flags on every close play.

The real issues began as coaches started to throw those flags near the end of the game in a desperation move to try to extend their chances of winning the game.

There is no doubt that things like this slowed the game down to a near crawl especially at the end of the game.

Although the fans continued to call for a change the problem was that they were the ones who demanded the original changes to happen.

For years the fans of the league complained that the referees missed too many calls and that instant replay should be established to change things.

Every year fans complained more and more about the missed calls and so the replay continued to be adjusted.

What not many realize is that the amount of blown calls was blown way out of proportion.

There weren’t that many mistakes in the game and the ones that most fans saw were a few missed calls that could only really be seen by replay.

A lot of fans also miss the fact that referees are human and they can’t see everything all over the field.

Fans can see everything thanks to the benefit of replay on TV so even the slightest perceived issue is blown up to a massive miss by the referee.

More often than not though there was no penalty, regardless of what the fans believe, and instant replay has proved that to be true.

Most reviews side with the call on the field showing that despite there being some misses they still get most of the big calls right.

Yet the perception was always that they were doing a terrible job and so the replay got more involved in the game.

Then the replay review was too involved in the game and the complaints were more about the length of games.football-sidebar

They were upset that the system that they wanted was now changing the game and so the new commissioner made a change.

Randy Ambrosie made his first major decision just before Week 7 began as he reduced the influence that the system would have on the game.

He announced that there would only be one coaches review from Week 7 on as coaches would lose two challenges.

In the past, the coach had two challenges to start the game and if they were to use both and win both they could get a third challenge.

With the change, coaches got one challenge for the entire game and like the old rule would need a timeout to use that challenge.

It was a move that the fans loved as the game was finally going to go a little back to the old way with fewer reviews to slow things down.

The first week was an interesting one as the first game saw Marc Trestman use his challenge quickly for a pretty obvious pass interference call.

Meanwhile, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats didn’t seem to realize they needed a timeout to throw a challenge attempting to challenge a play at the end of the game without owning a timeout.

Not all people were happy about the change though as there were still people that disagreed with the call to remove the other challenges.

Some are saying it’s an over-correction and that it might be a better option to let them win a second challenge or have just two challenges for the game.

The first week of the new rule wasn’t terrible but there will be some adjustment by the coaches as they need to select their times better.

Whether it reduces the length of the game or not will remain to be seen throughout the rest of the season.

One thing is for sure though and that is that there will be a time when the call to bring back at least one more challenge gets louder.

There is no winning regardless of what the league decides as there will be people who disagree and despite the thought that the game is worse, at least by some, the game has never been as good as it is right now.


Fourth Down

Ray Sidelined

Marc Trestman was working his magic once again, taking a veteran QB and turning back the clock to make him great again. Ricky Ray was having a season unlike any other in his career thanks to Trestman but Week 7 ended his strong run. He was hurt on a sack and left the game ending his streak of 300+ yard games. Now his status is uncertain as he was originally listed as 4-6 weeks but is now day-to-day.

Dressler Out

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are on a roll again this season but things got tougher before Week 7. They lost their top receiver and one of Matt Nichol’s favourite targets in Weston Dressler who will reportedly be out 4-6 weeks. One of the top offensive weapons for the team will not be with them for an extended period of time giving them a bit more of a challenge. If they want to continue this run they will need to fill the hole he left.

Trouble in Tiger-Town?

The Tiger-Cats are still struggling, losing their latest game and remaining winless after seven weeks. Things are changing though as the team hired June Jones, former SMU coach, to help figure out the issues with Zach Collaros. After their Week 7 loss, they continued to make changes firing defensive coordinator Jeff Reinebold looking to inject some sort of urgency into the team as they approach Labour Day.

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