UFC Fight Night 114 Preview

ufc-fn114The UFC simply cannot move on and be as successful as they have been without finding new talent that can take over the sport.

It is a constant struggle for the promotion as they are looking for those fighters that can draw fans but also fighters that are good enough to fit the best in the world.

The UFC is a big promotion and they are not going to sign anyone because they need people that are going to compete.

There have been countless fighters that have made their way to the UFC with a lot of promise only to falter against the best in the world.

It is tough to find those top prospects in the fighting world because you can only measure them by their records.

The problem with their records is that when they are fighting in the smaller shows the talent they are facing is not up to the same level as the top promotions.

It is certainly not up to the level of the fighters in the UFC who sign the best fighters in the sport.

So when a fighter dominates through the lower rankings it is far from a guarantee that they will be able to hang with UFC fighters and even tougher to know if they will hang with the best fighters in the promotion.

It is a challenge that the UFC faces all the time as they are constantly trying to replenish their roster with fighters that can truly make an impact.

There is no fighter in the UFC that Dana White and the matchmakers don’t think can do something when they are signed.

None are signed to sit around as a fighter that is just alright, they are signed to compete and eventually get a title.

If they can’t make the progress towards the title or they are not exciting enough to get the fans excited when they fight they get cut.

Right now there is no division that the UFC needs to find prospects in more than the Flyweight division.

That is the only division right now where the champion is so dominant that the entire roster of fighters is essentially cleaned out.

Demetrious Johnson will fight Ray Borg later this month for the Flyweight title in what he hopes to be his 11th straight title defence, breaking Anderson Silva’s record.

Most believe he will do it and when he does the future of the division will be in question as almost every top fighter at that weight has already fought and lost against Johnson.

The champion could retire with the title and the record in hand or could jump to super fights to earn some money before he retires.


Regardless of what he decides to do next, the Flyweight division needs some new blood that can either fight for that title and start a new reign or actually challenge the most dominant champion in UFC history.

Two potential Flyweight contenders will get their chance to put their names in the hat for life after the next title fight.

Sergio Pettis and Brandon Moreno are two bright spots in the Flyweight division that are just beginning to make their way up the rankings.

The climb for Pettis, younger brother of Anthony, has been a little bit rocky since he entered the UFC in 2013.

He struggled to string any wins together as inconsistency hampered his rise through the division.

Lately, though, he seems to have figured things out as he has a three fight win streak heading into his first main event.

None have been against big names in the UFC but he has put together three wins and now is getting his shot in the biggest fight of his career.

He will be in tough against one of the brightest stars in the division in Brandon Moreno who will be fighting in his home country for the first time in the UFC.

Moreno has not lost a fight since entering the UFC with two submission wins and one split decision.

He has only lost three fights in his entire career and his last was in 2012 as he is rising fast through the rankings.

He will look to make a bigger impression against Pettis as he travels home to Mexico looking to win his fourth straight in the UFC and 12th straight in his career.

Neither fighter will likely get the chance at a title with a win but a win in this main event is sure to put them on the radar in a division with few title contenders left.


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