UFC on FOX 25 Preview

ufc-fox25There was a time where Chris Weidman looked like the next unstoppable champion in the UFC and that time came after one of the greatest to ever step into the octagon fell.

Weidman came into the UFC on a tear and as he rose through the middleweight division he was getting ready for a matchup against Anderson Silva.

To some, he was the only solution to the Brazilian fighter who had all but cleared out the division.

The debate surrounding him was more about when he was going to retire because the contenders were running out.

Weidman rose to the occasion and took a win to become the Middleweight champion and then in the face of many claiming he got lucky he took another win against Silva in the rematch.

The first win came after Silva did his usual screwing around and got caught while the second came after Silva broke his leg in the middle of the fight.

There were still some questioning just how good Weidman really was and he looked to put that to bed when he beat Lyoto Machida and then Vitor Belfort to remain the champion.

Things were looking great for Weidman as he seemed like he was on his way to a long road as he had faced the top contenders in his first three fights.

The UFC brought in Luke Rockhold to challenge Weidman and it turned out to be the end of what was supposed to be a great reign at the top.

After looking like he could be a great champion, Weidman stumbled against a very good fighter so the thought was that he would be back pretty quickly.

He simply needed to pick himself up and get another shot at the title where he might be able to take it back and continue to rule the division.

Things don’t always work out though and an immediate rematch was cancelled after Weidman suffered a neck injury.

Then Weidman looked to get back into that top contender spot when he took on Yoel Romero but he was handed his second straight loss after 13 straight wins.

The once unbeaten champion was now struggling to find a win and he tried to get back on track against Gegard Mousasi but once again took a loss.

It was a shock to many as the fall has been as quick as the rise with Weidman now riding a three-fight losing streak.

The former champion is really looking to take a win on big FOX and avoid the ultimate crash after being a champion.mma-sidebar.fw

He needs this win as his time as one of the top fighters in the middleweight division could be coming to an end with another loss.

Like any fight in the UFC, it won’t be easy though as Weidman will take on a young superstar in Kelvin Gastelum that has done plenty at only 25 years old.

He was the youngest winner of The Ultimate Fighter when he surprised everyone by beating Uriah Hall in the finale.

A four-fight win streak followed and he announced himself as a potentially great welterweight that could have been a future champion.

Throughout his success, though he had some issues as he could never seem to come in on weight.

On the scale, he missed the mark constantly and it seemed like he needed to move up in weight class or he would be out of the UFC with so much wasted talent.

Eventually, he got the hint and moved to the middleweight division where he could make the weight and use his ability to move towards the title.

His first middleweight title didn’t go too well when he lost to Tyron Woodley but after returning to welterweight he continued to struggle.

Now he is officially a part of the middleweight division and so far things have gone well after beating Tim Kennedy and Vitor Belfort.

Unfortunately, a lack of discipline hurt him again after testing positive for marijuana before the Belfort fight and having that turned into a no contest.

He returns from his 90-day suspension due to the failed drug test with a new team around him and hopefully a new maturity.

Taking out Weidman will help him get back on track but Weidman has plenty of motivation himself.

These two middleweights will look to prove that they are still here in the division as they try to restart their chase of the title.


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