UFC Fight Night 113 Preview

ufc-fn113There is a lot going on in the world of fighting right now as there are some massive fights getting a lot of hype.

Unfortunately for the fighters at UFC Fight Night 113, their fights are the ones being ignored.

With the world tour for the Mayweather-McGregor fight happening and the build-up for the Cormier-Jones fight in full swing not many are looking to the card in Glasgow.

It also doesn’t help that the main event features two fighters that most of the general fans wouldn’t even recognise.

Santiago Ponzinibbio and Gunnar Nelson are not the guys that make the most noise especially in this era of the UFC.

They are fighters that not many people know anything about and fighters that rarely do a lot of talking.

In fact, both of their histories is a lot of the exact opposite as Ponzinibbio is essentially the epitome of putting your head down and going to work.

He rarely rocks the boat and despite his four-fight win streak has never called anyone out specifically.

He changed that strategy slightly when he said that he deserved a higher ranked opponent, but like much that he has done it didn’t make many headlines.

He will take on the fighter that has become known more for his personality than his skills in the octagon.

Nelson is a fighter that has taken being stoic to a new level as he never talks and seems so un-phased by the fact that he is fighting another man in the octagon.

There may be nobody that looks less excited about fighting than Nelson does when he enters that cage.

The same attitude follows him after the fight as he never talks and never calls people out letting his work speak for itself.

In this era, that type of fighter does not sell fights and so putting two of them at the top of a card to sell is likely not going to be the biggest thing.

Still, there is something to be said about this type of fighter that simply goes about their own business and does it well.

In a time where talk is becoming the norm in the game, there has to be room for fighters that are simply good fighters.mma-sidebar.fw

They may never make the same money or get to the same level of fame as the fighters who talk but they are still great fighters.

Not being great at selling doesn’t make someone a bad fighter it just makes them a tougher sell to the outside crowd.

The skills that both Ponzinibbio and Nelson bring to the table will get fight fans excited though as they are great fighters that can put on a great fight.

Ponzinibbio is riding a four-fight win streak with two knockouts and two decisions to his name.

He has been great at pressuring fighters and being the aggressor to get the win and to force fighters into a place they don’t want to go.

Meanwhile, Nelson is one of the top submission fighters in the UFC and despite not getting the recognition in that respect he can submit just about anyone in the division.

That makes this a classic match-up of a great striker against a great submission artist and as a result, the one that gets the fight to where they want it will likely take the win.

When the fight is over they will get on the mic and likely say something along the lines of “I’ll fight anyone they give me” or “I want a higher ranked guy.”

They won’t talk about another fighter and tear them down because they just want to do what they do best and that is fighting.

If they can continue to move up in the rankings towards that ultimate goal of winning a title.

It might take a little longer for them as they aren’t the ones who will demand a title shot and make all kinds of noise until they get it.

Eventually, though they won’t be able to be denied as their skills will take them to that level at some point.

It is almost refreshing to see two fighters like this that rely only on their skills and although it won’t get more people to watch the fight their skill will hopefully have people talking long after.


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