MLB Week in Review (July 7-13)

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The worst is over as the dead of the sports calendar is officially over with the MLB All-Star break giving way to the return of baseball.

There really is no worse time than the MLB All-Star break as there is not a lot going on in the sports world during this time.

The MLB is really the only game in town throughout the summer and when they take five days off and focus on the all-star festivities the highlight reels get a little sparse.

Even the all-star game doesn’t provide a lot of excitement at the time but that is not a problem that is reserved for the MLB.

There is no all-star game that really captures the attention of the fans no matter what they do to try to make the game mean something.

The MLB attempted to make the game more meaningful than any other league in North America when they gave home-field advantage to the winning league.

The American League and National League played for the right to host the World Series for whoever earned the win in the game.

It was an attempt to make the game mean something with the goal being, getting people to watch a game that actually had some meaning.

With something on the line, the league was trying to get more people to watch and for the players to take the game more seriously.

It never really took and so this year the MLB removed the meaning behind the game and kept it as the spectacle that it was always intended to be, simply best on best.

It also meant that there was quite literally nothing on the line in the game giving people even less of a reason to watch.

The move to make this game meaningless though could be a great decision depending on where they go from here.

This week’s all-star game saw some highlights and an extra innings game but most of the talk centred around the other things that happened.

Whether it was the gold catchers gear that Yadier Molina wore or Bryce Harper’s custom cleats people were talking about the things that the league had little to do with.

Most of all the highlight and picture that everyone was talking about after the game was when Robinson Cano had Molina take a picture with the home plate umpire right before his at bat.

It was a funny moment in the perfect time as the game doesn’t matter so why should anyone take it that seriously.

Cano had the right idea as he used it to have some fun and eventually he turned out to the all-star MVP after winning the game in extras for the American League.

What Cano did is what the MLB should embrace about the game as they need to let the players be themselves.

Let the players have fun and treat this game for what it is, a break in the middle of the season to highlight the best of the first half.

The game means nothing anymore and so why should players take it as anything else other than just a time to go out and enjoy the game with no

As long as the players are being safe and not going to injure themselves everything should be fair game for the players.

The league will not take any type of action against Cano for his photo and rightfully so as it was one of the best moments of the break.

In reality, the league should not just embrace it but encourage it as it is always more fun to watch a game where unpredictability can reign.

When nobody quite knows what will happen and everything becomes more unpredictable more people might just watch.

Hopefully, players will see what Cano did and come up with their own things for the next game.

It might be the only way to save the All-Star game and other leagues might want to pay close attention.

Taking a game like that seriously will never work because of the lack of stakes and the fans realise this.

As great as it is to see the best players in the league face-off against each other seeing the best players having fun is even better.

If that happens and the MLB All-Star game becomes that place where players are having a good time it could make the game better.

For now, though it is back to regular season baseball and the second half of the season as the postseason race is right around the corner.

The trade deadline is close and it will be a time where teams make their final moves to become challengers or give up on the season.

With the end of the worst time on the sports calendar, things are about to get a lot more interesting.


Extra Innings

Rasmus Steps Away

In the wake of Roberto Osuna admitting to having anxiety off of the field, Colby Rasmus is stepping away from the game altogether. There is no official reason why as the Tampa Bay Rays will not state why stating privacy reasons for Rasmus. Whatever is happening seems to be something out of baseball as he is not extending a stint on the DL but rather just “stepping away” from the game for at least the rest of the season.

More Expansion Talk

The break is also a time where runs and teams are not focused on but rather what the commissioner said in his address with the baseball media. For another year a big topic of discussion was expansion as Rob Manfred mentioned three cities that are of interest to the league. Montreal, Charlotte and Mexico City were the three that he brought up bringing plenty of old Expos fans a little more life. He did also state that expansion won’t be soon as stadium issues in Tampa and Oakland need to be resolved first.

Jeter Joins with Jordan

It seemed like it was a done deal only a few months ago as Derek Jeter was set to purchase the Miami Marlins alongside a group of investors that included Jeb Bush. The deal was not official though and as the months went on Jeter began to lose his partners with Bush and a number of investors dropping out and putting his bid in jeopardy. This week it gained some new life though as Michael Jordan has reportedly joined Jeter for some major sports star power.

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