UFC 213 Preview

ufc-213Now is the time for fighters to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight and there is no better event to do that than UFC 213.

It will be the highlight of Fight Week in Las Vegas and the card is one of the best overall cards this year.

The card will feature some big fights and big opportunities but the co-main event and main events will feature massive opportunities for two particular fighters to step into the limelight.

In the co-main event, the promised title fight was scrapped after Michael Bisping had to pull out due to knee surgery.

That fight was originally scheduled to be against Yoel Romero who is the top contender in the division and has been waiting for a title opportunity for a long time.

He will still fight but this time it will be against a fighter with a big opportunity to get the UFC fans on his side and show that he truly is the best in the world.

That fighter is Robert Whittaker who has often remained in the background as a great fighter that nobody really knew.

It wasn’t always that way as Whittaker came into the UFC as a winner of The Ultimate Fighter Nations.

He took the title home for Australia in a show that pitted Australia and England against each other.

He looked like a great welterweight prospect when he entered the UFC off of the show but he was young and never really took things seriously.

He struggled to find his way and eventually he was forgotten as he lost two straight in the division and was never really the fighter to watch on any card.

He switched to middleweight and things began to change for the young Aussie as all of a sudden fighting became his job.

He started to take things seriously and in his new division, he began to put up wins with his new attitude.

He was still a fighter without a massive name but last year things began to turn for him as he stepped up in competition and showed just how much better he was.

In 2016 he beat Rafael Natal, Derek Brunson and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza pushing him to the top of the rankings in the division.

Entering this interim title fight Whittaker remains a bit of an unknown to many fans while Romero has a bit more of a name.

Whittaker looks to take out another name in the division and officially announce his arrival as a star in the division.

If he can win he will move on to face one of the biggest names in Michael Bisping to unify the belt but he has to get through one of the best middleweights in the world.

Whittaker won’t be the only one trying to prove a point though as the women’s division takes the main event spot with the bantamweight title on the line.

This fight is a little different though as it will be the champion that has a lot to prove in this main event.

Amanda Nunes was not a happy woman after her last fight and it had everything to do with the lead up to that fight.

Nunes came into her UFC 207 headline fight as the champion and yet was a massive underdog and was barely talked about.mma-sidebar.fw

That fight was built as the comeback for Ronda Rousey and for most of the mainstream media it didn’t matter who she was fighting because it was the return of one of the biggest stars in the fight game.

Nunes dismantled Rousey in that fight to keep her belt and after the win, she expressed that she was not happy about the way that the fight was presented in the lead-up.

Now she enters another headlining fight and although the UFC is not building her up as big as they ever did Rousey this is Nunes’ fight to sell.

She is in the spot as a potential star in the UFC and now she has to go out and prove that she can handle the media and the fight.

There is no doubt that she wants to prove that this is her division now and that there is nobody that can take her out.

Looking to do exactly that will be Valentina Shevchenko who has impressed in her short time in the UFC.

The former Muay Thai and Kickboxing champion has shut down all of her opponents aside from one, Nunes.

She lost a decision against the now champion and believes that she was just getting going in the third round.

She now has five rounds to prove that she can take out the champion and take her own time in the spotlight.

Regardless of the star power of past champions, Nunes wants to show the UFC that she is worth investing in as the champion.

That will be what Nunes will look to prove as she hopes to show everyone she is the best in the world while Whittaker looks to show the same.

There is plenty to prove and the biggest stage to prove it on as International Fight Week ends with UFC 213 and two champions being crowned.


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