TUF 25 Finale Preview

tuf-25International Fight Week is here and the UFC is celebrating once again with a week of fights which will include some big fights at The Ultimate Fight Finale.

The main event and co-main event of the TUF 25 Finale will feature some big debuts for the promotion and for the fighters themselves.

The main reason for the fight itself will be featured in the co-main event as the latest winner of The Ultimate Fighter will be crowned.

It is a unique version of the reality show though as this final fight won’t be the official UFC debut for either fighter.

Instead, the entire show had the theme and title of Redemption featuring former TUF fighters looking to get back in the UFC.

Some had already found their way to the promotion but entered the house hoping to redeem themselves after coming up short in the house before.

The fighters that ended up in the final featured the real meaning of redemption as both will look to find their way back to the UFC after great TUF success.

Dhiego Lima was the first to gain his spot in the finale as the former UFC fighter is looking to try to take his chance to get back to the top promotion.

Lima was the runner-up during The Ultimate Fighter 19 but moved on to a promising UFC career.

That promise was washed away with inconstancy as he could never put together a good win streak that brought him to the top of the promotion.

Instead, he remained a good but not great fighter and eventually he was out of the promotion altogether.

He will take on the man who perhaps personifies redemption more than anyone else during this season of the show.

Jesse Taylor was one of the more dominant fighters in the show’s history running through everyone in season 7.

Then came the turning point when he went out to celebrate his spot in the finale and in that night he had a little too much fun.

He kicked out a window in the limousine he was riding and gave the hotel staff a hard time telling them that they should know who he is, despite not being an actual UFC fighter.

That night out ended his chance of becoming a UFC fighter as the UFC pulled him from the finale and he never got a chance at fighting in the octagon.

He entered into the 25th season looking for that chance and he got that chance after once again running through everyone in the show.mma-sidebar.fw

He has never lost in The Ultimate Fighter house and now he finally has his chance to get a contract.

Lima and Taylor weren’t able to take their chances earlier in their careers but now they get a second chance to prove that they belong in the UFC among the best of the best.

After both of these former TUF fighters attempt to get their redemption a new UFC fighter looks to make good on the hype around him.

Justin Gaethje has been considered one of the top fighters not in the UFC after rising to the top of the World Series of Fighting.

Then the WSOF went through some major changes leaving them with no title holders and a brand new name, the Professional Fighters League.

Gaethje signed with the UFC and now he will make his debut in what the UFC hopes is that start to a great career in the promotion.

There is little doubt that they want Gaethje to be something big and although they are not pushing him the same way they have other fighters, although that might be because of past results.

They want him to prove himself first and he will get a chance to do that with against UFC veteran Michael Johnson.

It has been said multiple times that the UFC is on a different level than every other promotion in the world.

That will be tested as a champion from a promotion that was quite frankly a third-tier promotion, looks to make his way through the top promotion and prove that he is great anywhere.


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