Controversy Breeds Attention in OKC

10131673Standing out in the UFC is becoming increasingly difficult as the focus continues to go to the bigger names.

The UFC is home to the greatest fighters in the world but often many of those great fighters are overlooked.

Instead, the big names get all of the attention whether or not they are fighting in the UFC or anywhere else.

That has made things difficult as fighters need to get into the upper echelon in order to make any noise at all.

That upper echelon only has room for a few and right now it only has room for one man as nobody seems to care what the UFC is doing unless Conor McGregor is involved.

There are plenty of great fighters doing big things in the UFC but they are finding it very tough to be that person that sells fans on fights.

Even the champions are having a hard time breaking through so things are only tougher for those rising stars looking to make an impression as they move up the ranks.

The lightweight division has plenty of those fighters as it still remains one of the deepest pools of talent in the promotion.

Two of those fighters are Mike Chiesa and Kevin Lee both have struggled to find their way through the noise in the UFC.

Not many would look at the headliners of UFC Fight Night 112 and think immediately that this was going to be a fight to watch.

They would see the two main fighters and not think much of them because not many have heard of the two fighters leading the fight.

For fight fans that are really into the fight game though this fight could have been something special between two rising fighters.

Neither did a lot of talking and neither were being talked about as top prospects until this fight was announced.

That is when Kevin Lee took the opportunity to show some of his attitude outside of the octagon as the summer kick-off press conference.

That was the moment that more people began paying attention as Lee mentioned Chiesa’s mom during the press conference and set Chiesa off.

It led to a small scrap on stage and boosted the visibility of both of these fighters, albeit not enough to become a major fight.

There were still plenty of people that knew little about either of the fighters and didn’t care but that little boost from the press conference helped people to notice.

It caused people to look into these two fighter sand realise that both were riding win streaks into the fight.

Lee had taken four fights in a row and continued to step up in competition through those four fights.

In those fights, he had also finished the fight early three times with two submissions and one

Meanwhile, Chiesa had taken three in a row and like Lee was stepping up in competition each time.

Chiesa had begun to make some noise with his rear naked chokes that finished plenty of fights and started to become a signature for the former TUF competitor.

One way or another a fighter was going to come out of this with his win streak intact and a chance to move even closer to a title.

It was going to be an interesting one as both counted among the top ones to watch in the division but only one would remain that way.

The fight went to the ground pretty quickly as Chiesa locked in a guillotine choke standing up before dropping to the ground.

It wasn’t tight enough though and Lee was able to get out and continue his fight on the ground.

Eventually, Lee was the one with the better position taking Chiesa’s back and sinking in a very tight rear naked choke.

Chiesa looked to fight the hands off and it seemed like he was very close to going out even seeing his hands almost fall limp.

They hadn’t quite fallen limp and Chiesa wasn’t quite out when the referee stepped in a called the fight.

Chiesa was not out and he never tapped yet the fight was over and Lee was given the win with the submission.

Chiesa very well might have been a few seconds from going out and that submission did not look like it was going to be broken anytime soon.

Still, it was called too early and there was still a small chance that Chiesa could have gotten out, especially looking a previous fight.

Chiesa took the loss and wants a rematch while Lee took his fifth straight win and wants to look ahead to bigger names like Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It was a controversial finish but not likely one that was going to end any other way and depending on the UFC’s decision they might just stay in the same spot and fight again.



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