UFC Fight Night 112 Preview


People are taking notes as the world of UFC is becoming an entertainment business and to make sure you are noticed you need to do something different.

The UFC gives their fighters the chance and some fighters are great at it while others fail to get the hint.

Essentially everything started with Conor McGregor who brought the UFC to new heights thanks to his ability to talk up fights.

He quickly became a big star throughout sports and not just in the fight game while also raising his worth to higher levels.

In an era where fighters are looking to increase their earning potential, the UFC is telling them to be more like McGregor if they want McGregor money.

That means selling fights and doing the work outside of the octagon that McGregor has done to become a star.

If the demand to see a fighter is there the ability to negotiate bigger deals becomes much easier.

Fighters are noticing and they are beginning to show more personality when the UFC does give them the chance to do that.

It is what was on the mind of Kevin Lee when he attended the Summer Kickoff press conference for the UFC.

The press conference was meant to highlight some of the best fights coming up over the next few months.

That included Lee’s fight against Michael Chiesa at UFC Fight Night 112 and so Lee went to work doing his best McGregor impression.

He started the trash talking while Chiesa, always more of a quiet fighter, would fire back with nothing special.

That was until Lee mentioned Chiesa’s mom, which set Chiesa off in a fit of rage and saw him rush across the stage to meet Lee in the middle.

A small fight took place and all of a sudden Lee and Chiesa had taken over the entire press conference.

It was the perfect execution of the McGregor playbook but now it comes to the second most important part of the McGregor playbook and the one that most people struggle with.

That second part is meeting the expectations that you set when you build the fight up with the press conferences and the talk.

McGregor is as big as he is because he talks up the fight like nobody else and then meets every expectation that he sets.mma-sidebar.fw

In almost all of his fights part of his trash talk is calling how he will end the fight and when then going out and doing that exact thing that he predicted.

It is the one part that most fighters can’t do as many can talk with the best of them but few can actually step into the octagon and meet the expectations they set in the build-up.

It is why nobody is as big as McGregor because fight fans are all in for the trash talk but if you don’t back it up they abandon a fighter quickly.

So now it is up Lee and Chiesa to meet the expectations they have set for this main event fight.

The good thing about this fight is that the match-up alone was already supposed to be a great fight.

Both fighters are riding winning streaks into this fight and both have a tendency to end fights early.

Chiesa’s last two fights have ended with a Rear Naked Choke that has become a bit of a signature.

Lee has finished his last three fights with a knockout and two submissions.

It is a match-up of rising stars in the lightweight division that are both headed towards a title fight sooner rather than later.

That always makes for a good fight as two of the best prospects in the division are set to show that they have what it takes to be the next top contender.

The work they both did to build this fight creates more interest in the fight and will bring more people to the fight.

That means the winner will have a better chance of being noticed and if they can finish it will only help them more.

The McGregor playbook doesn’t work for everyone but there are two fighters, more so Lee, that are ready to try it out and get the attention that their skills have earned.


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