UFC Fight Night 111 Preview

ufc-fn111The career of a fighter is one that is constantly in flux as they are always looking to string together wins to get noticed.

Not only are they looking for wins but they are looking for big wins that get people talking in order to get the better chance at being a top fighter.

For most, the battle is to attempt to become a UFC fighter but getting into the UFC is just a small part of the battle.

Staying in the UFC is just as hard if not harder than getting there because it doesn’t take a lot of time for a fighter to be cut from the top promotion in the sport.

The UFC is full of the best fighters from around the world and when many fighters who were fighting just to get into the UFC meet the best they are shown just how good they are.

With every fighter wanting to be a part of the biggest MMA promotion there are plenty of fighters lining up for their chance.

It makes the pressure of staying on top even greater because any type of losing streak can mean the end of a UFC career.

It is not easy to get back when you are cut either so for some three losses can make all of the difference in their careers.

This danger of being cut from the UFC will be in full force at UFC Fight Night 111 when two fighters, in particular, need a win in Singapore.

The first will be the co-main eventer, Andrei Arlovski who is among the biggest names in the history of the heavyweight division.

Arlovski has done just about everything there is to do in the heavyweight division including winning a UFC belt.

Lately, though he has been struggling, dropping four fights in a row and one more loss could be the end of his time in the UFC.

It is not the way anyone wants to see a legend like Arlovski go out as he has already been cut and come back but at 38 he is likely running out of time to make another comeback.

People would much prefer to see the former champion go out on his own terms and walk away from the sport rather than slowly fade away.

The four-fight losing streak that he is currently on does have a little caveat though as he has faced the top fighters in the division and one of the top prospects.

Not many could win against any of these fighters but Arlovski is supposed to compete against these fighters and he needs to if he wants to continue in the UFC.

He looks to pick up his first win in a while against Marcin Tybura who is a step down from his previous competition.

Arlovski should win and it shouldn’t be that close but this is the fight game and anything can happen and if Arlovski takes a loss it could be the end of his time in the UFC.

After he takes his chance to stay in the UFC another fighter that was meant to be a star will take her chance to stay.mma-sidebar.fw

Holly Holm is the most accomplished female fighter in the UFC by far as the multiple time boxing and kickboxing champion has held more belts than anyone in the UFC.

When she was signed to the promotion she was immediately considered a fighter that could end the reign of Ronda Rousey.

She did just that with a massive head-kick knockout of Rousey to hand the champion her first loss ever.

Holm took over the bantamweight division but quickly learned that despite her great experience she had a lot to learn in MMA.

She lost her belt to Miesha Tate after beating Rousey then took another loss to Valentina Shevchenko before fighting for the first women’s featherweight title against Germaine de Randamie.

She lost that fight as well and all of a sudden the woman many considered to be the future queen of the bantamweight division was lost.

She had been given a chance to top the newest women’s division and had lost to two of the top fighters in the bantamweight division.

The UFC is running out of things to do with her and now she headlines the UFC’s trip to Singapore with a lot on the line.

She will take on Bethe Correia who, like Tybura in the co-main event, is not necessarily the toughest match-up.

She has been given a chance to take a win and become someone that can fight the better bantamweights or potentially in the featherweight division.

A loss against Correia could leave her out of the UFC looking for another promotion to compete in after being cut.

Both Holm and Arlovski need this win or their careers might need to continue in another promotion.

If they can get the wins there is new life in their careers and a lot more to do as the top promotion is willing to work with winning fighters but easily forgets losing ones.


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